DWH: Who are Brittany & Paige?

B & P: Paige is one of 4 girls; one whom is a twin, they’re best friends. Britt is one of six siblings with four brothers and one sister. We both have two new additions, both our sisters gave birth three days apart from each other; apparently we are next.

We both have full-time office jobs, Paige is in Marketing and Britt is a Bookkeeper. We also own a food truck which is called Dumpling District, and we trade at various farmers markets in Melbourne.

We work quite a lot, however, what we do like to do for fun is play with our dogs Dexter & Poppy, go on day trips around Victoria, take photos/videos and we have a really close group of friends that we see on most weekends.

We have been together for eight years. We first met when we were 19 & 20, at the Peel in Collingwood. We both weren’t supposed to go there however our friends dragged us along. Paige spotted Britt and could not take her eyes off of her!

DWH: We want to know all the details of the proposal!

B & P: The proposal didn’t go as planned, although I am sure it doesn’t for most. We went with our furbaby Dexter to Geelong straight after work on a Friday. Britt was trying to plan an exciting and romantic night, packing our telescope and camera so we could do some star gazing.

She was so nervous on the way, and I kind of knew something was up.

Upon arriving in Geelong, it was so busy so we kept driving to find a more secluded spot, Britt wanted to take the telescope down to the beach which Paige protested because she was cold. The telescope was out of the plan, and we sat up overlooking Geelong (with a group of people just over to our left) on a picnic blanket with Dexter…. Britt couldn’t speak and just stumbled to get the ring out of her bag and said….”you know I love you” and then nervously she quickly handed Paige the ring!

DWH: Any stories in the lead up to the wedding we should know about?

B & P: Britt and Paige planned everything quite quickly, we had booked the venue, celebrant, cars, photographer etc. and then we felt like we had no money!

So, as the day got closer, we panicked and Britt cancelled one of the cars so she could get in an Uber! Not sure what we were thinking but we quickly recalled that decision.

Everything was pretty cruisy up until the wedding, however, the night before we were both extremely nervous, Paige was worried Britt was not going to turn up. She did.

DWH: Oh, good! Did you undertake any DIY projects?

B & P: We previously mentioned we felt a bit strapped for money so Paige’s sister made all of our Bouquets. It took us about 5 hours total and they were absolutely gorgeous! We went with the native look as that’s the style we love and it fit with the venue. We also placed the foliage on all of the guest tables which matched the centrepieces perfectly.

DWH: How did you both go dress shopping?

B & P: We both weren’t too fussed about our dresses however we booked an appointment at Blue Bell Bridal.

One of us had to try on the dresses while the other waited downstairs, then we swapped. We both tried on around four dresses each and instantly knew which one we loved. We were with Paige’s mum and three sisters.

When Paige tried on the winning dress along with her veil, they all cried tears of happiness!

DWH: And, the wedding day, was it everything you had dreamt of?

B & P:  The day for both of us went perfectly to plan although it went too fast for our liking! It was so full of joy, everyone had the biggest smiles on their faces, you could genuinely feel the love!

One thing that didn’t go to plan was when we booked a taxi to take us to Daylesford after the wedding night (all the way from Gisborne South), as we arrived we realised we did not have our phones, keys or wallets! The driver had to trust that we would call and pay the next day. He was a nice fellow!

DWH: Whoops! What does being married mean to you both?

B & P: Marriage to us is supporting and encouraging each other with any plans that the other desires, it is a symbol that our love and our relationship is more than any one person can feel, it is family, affection, strength and entirety. We now will never again walk alone, and no matter which way we turn the other will be by my side. Marriage is an important emblem that we now can wear with pride.

Everyone asks us how does it feel being married?

The answer is exactly the same, nothing changed. But we wouldn’t give back the memories of the day for anything. It was truly, truly, the BEST day of our life!

DWH: Do you have any parting wedding advice for others planning their wedding day?

B & P: Don’t sweat the small stuff, you won’t even remember the planning on the day. It will fall in to place perfectly!

Also, have trust in the people that you hire, our celebrant was incredible and guided us every step of the way. She made us feel less nervous – Erin, you are a star!

DWH: And, lastly, is there anything you with you didn’t or didn’t do?

B & P: We were originally going to get ready together, however, had our family and friends told us not too. So, we listened and it was the best thing we did. It made the day feel more real and the nerves were worth every second the moment we got to lay eyes on each other.

The surprise was unreal.

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