Brittany and Michele were married last December in a private, intimate ceremony surrounded by those who are closest to them. They share their love story with us today.

They met at Columbia College where they went to school together. Although they were both seeing other people at the time, once they started talking there was an instant connection.

There was a special moment early in the friendship where they sat together at Brittany’s family condo in Myrtle Beach. They’d been talking for a few months but were both seeing other people. Brittany walked pass Michele, on her way to her girlfriend’s room, their eyes caught and they both knew that neither of them wanted Brittany to go into that room. It was the moment that changed everything for them, the moment they knew they had to be together.

Brittany proposed in October 2015. Together Brittany and Michele took a short hike to the top of a mountain and Brittany passed Michele a little book. On each page were a picture of the couple and a song lyric from one of their many favourite songs. The last page had a picture of the ring. When Michele turned the last page over, she pulled out the ring.

Brittany and Michele never really planned on having a wedding day but did discuss eloping. At the time, Brittany’s mother was battling cancer, and they just had too much going on to have focused on a wedding day. They chose to marry in a private ceremony with only the closest people in their lives invited to witness. They are holding a party to celebrate their one year anniversary with their extended friends and family.

They each hope that they will never stop doing those little things for one another. Life can become routine, but it doesn’t need to lead into a boring relationship. Together Brittany and Michele have a beautiful family of two cats and a dog but hope to extend that to include children in the future. “We always want to remain best friends and continue to fall in love with each other”.

Love, Brittany.

My favourite thing about Michele is how passionate she is about her job. She is a teacher and dedicated her life to her students. I absolutely adore how excited she gets when a student that has been struggling finally understands a concept, or when she’s found some new strategy to use in the classroom. I love how family orientated she is. She truly has such a good heart. I hate saying this because it’s so cliché, but Michele is most definitely my better half. She has completely changed me as a person and I am so grateful she loves me.

Love, Michele.

What I love most about Brittany is the way she is constantly thinking about others. She does everything she can to make me happy. She is always things about what is going on in my life and how she can make it easier and better for me. I love that she surprises me with back to school gifts/end of year gifts, trips away from home for no reason.

Photography by Jessica Hunt Photography