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Brooke & Quinn – An Intimate Wedding in Alaska

Brooke & Quinn – An Intimate Wedding in Alaska

Alaska Lesbian Wedding - COVID Intimate Wedding - Bare Bones Creative

They had made plans for a big wedding day, and then COVID hit and plans were canceled. It turns out, Brooke and Quinn’s intimate wedding in Alaska with just seven guests was what they had really needed to begin with.

Words by Brooke

Alaska has a way of bringing out the parts of us we really need in order to survive in this tough world. I was moving up to Alaska to finish my collegiate volleyball career. Little did I know I would find the person I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

Way back in August of 2013, Quinn and I had just arrived in Alaska (separately). Eager to be in a new place, thinking we would only stay for two years of volleyball and then head back to the lower 48. Well, that did not happen.

Six years later, we have made Anchorage our home. We cannot seem to get away from Alaska for too long without some opportunity calling us back. The community we have up here has embraced us with open arms since the beginning. Alaska has taught us so much about ourselves and each other. Embracing the hard times and soaking up the good times.

We would not be the people we are today without Alaska and all the wonderful people who have become our family up here.

Quinn and I have been together since November 2013. From the beginning, marriage was always a topic of discussion. But, it never became very serious until about early 2018 when we both started looking at rings and sending “subtle hints” (a.k.a many many pictures of rings… no shame). 

By early 2019 rings had been purchased, and many big things were happening in our lives. But with changes in careers, going back to school, life just got in the way, and an engagement was at the forefront of our minds.

Quinn always wanted to be the one to propose. We got engaged on September 13, 2019. It happened to be Friday the 13th, one of my favorite days of the year. In one of our favorite Alaska spots, Quinn popped the question and I could not say “YES” fast enough.

We had a fairly easy time planning our wedding. We quickly found the perfect venue that included everything we needed. All we had to do was show up and remember to say “I Do.” 

Then COVID happened.

Alaska Lesbian Wedding - COVID Intimate Wedding - Bare Bones Creative

Around February 2020, we started to get concerned about how the virus would affect the big day we had waited 6.5 years for. Our day was planned for May 21, 2020, and we were crossing our fingers the virus would run its course by then, and we could all celebrate happily in Alaska!

As most of us know by now, unfortunately that did not happen. 

What did take place was a magical, intimate, spectacular day that fit our relationship so perfectly we should have planned it that way in the first place.

After postponing our large wedding, we decided we still wanted to get legally married and hold a very small elopement. After careful planning and preparation, we had six family members join us in Alaska to witness our beautiful moment.

Thankfully, Alaska was not a state hit hard with the virus, and by the time we were quickly throwing our elopement together, most businesses were still able to accommodate for small rentals and florals.

We picked the location the day before. We got ready separately while our family members carefully shuffled us around the house so we would not see each other before the first look. It was the most relaxing day filled with so much celebration for our love and relationship. My mother read a poem about creating a union.. Quinn’s sister spoke beautiful words about our love and compassion for each other.

The intimacy was something we never knew we wanted. Standing in the vast mountains of Alaska, surrounded by the ones you love most, will give anyone the feels.

After the ceremony and a few more pictures, we drove back home and enjoyed a delicious dinner that was waiting for us. Our family surprised us by renting us a fancy hotel room for the night, and after all the emotions from the day, we slept quite soundly.

Photographer Bare Bones Creative

Ceremony Venue Government Peak Recreation Center
Florist Alaska Wholesale Flower Market 
Hair & Makeup Crystal CrabbChance Droege 
Jacket Lulus 
Officiant Kristan Farley (Family Friend)
Rings Valerie Madison JewelryOlive Avenue Jewelry
Rug and Bench Wild Poppy AK
Stationery Shutterfly
Wedding Dresses BHLDN

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