When Camila and Priscila met they were just 15 years old and as they grew so did something special between them. Although there was sometimes a fight to be together, they each knew they’d found a soulmate in one another. They share their Brazilian wedding day with us.

Words by Camila

Our story begins in our first year of high school when my now wife changed schools and left a best friend behind – and then I entered her old school and became the new best friend of her old best friend. That caused her to dislike me for years!

We became acquaintances, the kind of person you see once in a while, on nights out and birthday parties, and we never thought it would be anything else.

Around college years I fell in love with a girl, we started dating and I came out to my best friend, and she informed me that it was all good for her, because Pri had come out to her too and she was fine with it.

Finally, in February of 2008, Pri and I were single and found ourselves at our best friend´s university graduation party. We talked all night, and at the end, after some drinks to gather up her courage, she asked me if I wanted to kiss her. I said yes. And it was the most special kiss I ever had. We haven’t let go of one another ever since.

We´ve been through ups and downs. We both lived with our parents, my family wasn´t very accepting of me dating another girl and her family was even worse – her parents were pretty vocal and belligerent on their reproval of us, it caused us a great deal of pain in our first years. There were times we had to lie to our parents about where we were going and who we were going to meet. There were challenges just to get a phone call through. But we never let that stop us, we knew we had found the love of our lives and we knew it was not a phase.

During this time Pri was still finishing university. I had just graduated and had a low paying job. We made plans and fought hard to be together.

In 2013, the Supreme Court in Brazil ruled that same-sex unions were to be equated with civil marriages and it became possible for LGBTQ+ couples to be promptly married, without having to go to court. We were thrilled that we were finally able to get married and vowed to get our own home so we could make it so.

In 2014, Pri’s mother became very ill and discovered she had lymphoma. She underwent most of her treatment while in hospital, and Pri stayed next to her for a whole year until she sadly passed away in 2015. In that same year Pri found a job and at the end of the year we moved in together, bringing Lulu, her 16-year-old German Spitz, with us.

In 2016, Pri proposed to me, on our 100-month-anniversary (Pri has a thing with round numbers and anniversaries!) and soon after we started planning our beautiful, romantic, vintage wedding.

Our wedding took place in 2018, in a two-story old house turned restaurant and then turned party venue. It once belonged to German immigrants and we loved that it was part of the immigration history our city is known for (Sao Paulo was a small villa until it was heavily populated by European immigrants who were brought to work on farms nearby in the beginning of the 20th century) and that is also part of our families background, of Italian and Spanish descent.

We had around 140 guests, family, friends and co-workers, and a small ceremony held by a friend of ours together with a lovely wedding officiant.
Our wedding party was composed of relatives and friends that are dear to us and important to our relationship, including those friends from high school that saw us meet and witnessed our love bloom! We served some of our favourite food and drinks and made sure the decor had that personal touch. We spread lots of photos of us and our friends around the venue and even had a touch of Harry Potter, our favourite book series.

We were inspired by DIY projects. I put my forgotten digital graphics knowledge to use and made all of our wedding stationery (invitations, menu, labels and such) and we made the wedding favours ourselves – reed diffusers.

It was such an amazing experience, such a lovely ceremony, intimate and sweet. Our vows were my favourite touch, so precious to be able to say out loud, to everyone we know, how much I love her and hear the same from her.

Leading into the night, the party was so much fun! We ate, drank and danced our socks off with our most loved ones.

Nothing compares to the feeling of being lawfully wedded to the woman of my life. We have our whole life together ahead of us and it feels wonderful.

Photography Marina Maeda