Candi is a tattoo artist at Fallen Heroes in Johannesburg [and a co-founder of Roller Derby South Africa!], and she met her now wife, Scherren, a Social Sciences teacher and Touch Rugby Coach, when she came in to get her first tattoo. The connection was instant.

Not long after a year together, Candi organised a weekend away, Scherren had absolutely no idea. They spent the day relaxing, drinking and exploring. After a fancy dinner near the casino, Candi asked Scherren if they could walk down to the lake together and then asked her if she’d be her wife.

DWH: Talk us through the engagement, was it stressful?

C & S: We were engaged for 9 months. We waited so that we could secure a date with the amazingly talented Andy and Szerdi to be our photographers.

The lead up to the wedding was particularly stressful as our wedding was at the beginning of February, and so many places were closed in the December and January holiday period. It made making those final plans somewhat rushed and stressful. Scherren also had 2 of the 4 bridesmaids pull out and not attend the wedding day.

DWH: What was the inspiration behind the vibe of your wedding?

S: Candi, being an artist, had quite a good idea of how the theme would go and what would look good. I completely trusted her judgement and let her run with it. Our main focus was ensuring our magical photographers would be able to work with our colour scheme, theme and vibe. We went with a boho theme and had all the bridesmaids in a shade of red and floral dresses. Our photos really capture Candi’s vision.

DWH: Do we see a little DIY in those pictures?

C: We did all the décor ourselves. We would set aside ‘décor Sundays’ where we would all meet at one of my bridesmaid’s houses, and we would sit and glue flowers, laser cut shapes, cut hessian and make all the bunting and backdrops. My bridesmaid was phenomenal and also made the cake topper, frames, bottle lights, a guestbook and the flower crowns.

DWH: And, how was the experiencing of finding the perfect outfits?

C & S: We decided that we didn’t want a convention or traditional wedding. We also agreed that we would greet our guests in suits and All-Stars and once everyone was seated, we changed into our dresses. Our dresses were both affordable boho style dresses we ordered online.

DWH: Talk us through the wedding!

C & S: The big day went perfectly! Everything ran according to plan. Our guests were happy and kept commenting on how much fun they had. The whole experience was terrific! It went by so fast, and we really did have so much fun.

We both agreed early on that we didn’t want a traditional or religious wedding. However, Scherren is Irish and the traditional Irish wedding includes a handfasting ceremony – which we really liked and incorporated it into a more Humanist ceremony. We chose eight promises and had each bridesmaid come and tie a ribbon around our hands to symbolise and seal each promise.

Andy & Szerdi Photography

DWH: That’s beautiful. Now you’re married, what does that mean to you both?

C & S: Marriage is the ultimate promise of love and devotion. We both felt a connection unlike any before from the moment we met. The love we share is so pure and intense. We both know that we are one another’s soul mates and this is our way of wanting to be together forever.

DWH: And, do you have any parting advice for couples planning their own wedding?

C & S: Trust your gut. If anything doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. This is a memory you’ll treasure forever and if any part of it doesn’t make you happy, it’s okay to change your mind. Also, as much as you want to have the most perfect day, it doesn’t exist. There isn’t any need to put that kind of pressure on yourselves! Planning a wedding is stressful, but try to enjoy the process. The day will be over before you know it.

Also, don’t worry about the guest list. The people that you want to be there will always be there – and be prepared for a few no-shows.

Photography by Andy and Szerdi