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Carrie & Yerrica

Carrie & Yerrica

Philadelphia Engagement - Lesbian Proposal - Allie Wynands - Dancing With Her (1)

Carrie & Yerrica survived long-distance dating and the challenges of medical and law school. But, their experiences have only made them stronger. Yerrica proposed first, along the river in Philadelphia.

Words by Carrie

Yericca and I met playing rugby in college [I know, I know] at Tufts University. Yericca was a two-year captain, and I didn’t contribute much to the team’s success, to be honest, but had a blast! 

Our friendship turned romantic post-graduation when we both moved to New York. We had a group of mutual friends that spent time together—Cubbyhole, Wednesday nights at the Woods, happy hours, etc. Every time we hung out, we spent the entire night talking. I quickly learned that Yericca was a great opener and decidedly NOT a closer. 

After months of flirting, going to spinning classes weekly, and texting constantly, I flat out told her to “make a move or stop flirting with me”. She kissed me, and the rest is herstory…

Three months into dating, I left NYC for a cross-country bike trip and then moved to Philadelphia for medical school. Despite the long-distance, we felt that we weren’t ready to part ways. We decided to stay together until things stopped being fun. Thankfully we are still having fun today.

After two years and countless 6 AM Monday morning bus rides between Philly and NYC, Yericca applied to, and got into, law school in Philadelphia! Finally, we were in the same city once again. We have now supported each other through the hardest parts of medical and law school. And, we feel ready to face any challenge life throws at us if we can do it together. 

We moved in together and recently adopted a cute but silly Sato (Puerto Rican street dog) named Cassius (Cash for short).

After 4.5 years together, Yericca proposed to me on one of our first long walks with Cash. Strolling along a Philadelphia river-side path we came up upon groups of friends from various points in our lives who Yericca had invited to Philadelphia for the weekend. I was so surprised as my best friends handed me white flowers and followed us to a tree decorated with photos of us throughout our relationship. Yericca got down on one knee and I quickly said, “Yes Yes Yes!” 

Shortly after the engagement, Philadelphia went into COVID-19 lockdown. 

2.5 months later, I surprised Yericca with a masked bike scavenger hunt through some of our favorite Philadelphia locations. It ended with an outdoor picnic and a proposal of her own.

We are thrilled to be getting married in Pennsylvania next May and can’t wait to officially be teammates for life.

Photography Allie Wynands

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