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The Wedding Cake: Where To Start

So, you’ve started to book in a few key vendors and it’s time for the (not so dreaded) cake choosing! We’ll let you in on a little secret – there are a lot of decisions you’ll need to agree on when choosing which wedding cake style suits you best.
We’ve teamed up with Melbourne based, Mad About Cakes, to go through a few different cake styles that will help you get started on getting together the perfect wedding cake!

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How Much Does A Wedding Cost?

Knowing how much a wedding really costs is as empowering as much as it is daunting. Budgets are different for every single couple. You could have a backyard wedding for well under $5K or something extra extravagant that takes you well past $80K. It all depends on what you want, and how many people you want to celebrate with. We’ve put together a guide to help you know what certain things might cost. It’s the perfect place to start when deciding on where you want to put your focus on for the big day.

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15 Wedding Traditions to Think Twice About

Weddings are full of traditions. It’s a day of ceremony and rituals and often the people getting married don’t even think twice about what’s really happening – we do it because that’s what a wedding is, right?

Wrong. Weddings are a day to celebrate your love, and in some cases, it’s a day to legally register your relationship as married.

If you’re a couple with a little more individuality and want to do things your way on your wedding day, here are 15 wedding traditions that you might want to think twice about when planning your wedding.

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