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Two Blushing Brides | Fiona & Megan

This light filled romantic styled shoot took place on the banks of the Brisbane river with real couple Fiona and Megan. Created to showcase the contrast of simple pure white daytime styling and warm blush tones for the evening, in celebration of marriage equality in Australia.

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Sian & Tenille

When Brisbane brides, Sian & Tenille first celebrated their wedding day, it was a mere weeks before Australia legalised marriage equality. And so, on their three-month wedding anniversary, these two brides from Brisbane made their commitment once again, legally at the Brisbane Registry Office.

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Alex & Maddy

Alex & Maddy met four years ago at a bar in Melbourne. They love live music, adventuring with their two dogs and spontaneous trips away together. They celebrated their wedding day in Goulburn, New South Wales.

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Gabby & Lila

After a romantic, personal proposal that happened one afternoon spontaneously, Gabby & Lila chose to have an engagement shoot that was just as personal; at their own home, together with their cat. 

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Charlotte & Mel

Charlotte, who is a Doctor by trade, is afraid of heights. Mel, who recently sold out her share of her CrossFit gym, chose to propose in a way she knew would be unforgettable for Charlotte – skydiving. Their engagement was only one day. Charlotte and Mel share their elopement under a waterfall in Byron Bay.

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Cien & Viv

On a Saturday night in Brisbane’s West End six years ago, Viv became distracted by a free spirit on the dancefloor. Viv couldn’t focus on the conversation with her friends and they prompted her to go and speak to her. She approached Cien and said; ‘hi, I’m Viv’ and it was all it took – they can both remember exactly what that moment felt like.

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