Rossella Putino Photographer lesbian gay couple engagement proposal Spain Barcelona Europe Dancing With Her print magazine directory
Amanda & Sophie

They met on holiday in Greece, and years of friendship led to something more. Amanda proposed to Sophie in Barcelona, Spain in a castle-side proposal.

South African Chinese-American biracial lesbian same-sex couple wedding Dancing With Her magazine
Alex & Alex

Their story went viral when a wedding venue illegally discriminated against their queer love, but they endured and had a woodland themed South African Wedding.

Rita Foldi photography lesbian gay same-sex couple Europe engagement proposal photos Dancing With Her wedding directory magazine
Anna & Danielle – A Long Distance Love

They fell in love 8,347km apart, but their long-distance love never wavered. They’ve traveled the world together, and moved across continents to start their lives together.

Amy & Nicola

When language barriers meant that a legal wedding wouldn’t be possible in their home of Berlin, these lovers chose to celebrate two weddings; in Liverpool and Berlin.

Jana Snuderl elopement photography lesbian queer gay couple Slovenia Europe wedding Dancing With Her
Katka & Petra

Their proposal happened over a morning coffee, when Petra forgot any plans burst into tears and popped the question, of course, Katka said yes.

Roosa K Photography lesbian gay lgbt forest wedding Finland Finish marriage Dancing With Her worldwide same-sex magazine
Maria & Reetta

This dainty forest wedding day in Finland is everything the two brides ever dreamt it would be; romantic, relaxed and meaningful.

Kristín María Stefánsdóttir lesbian two bride gay Iceland Europe wedding elopement Dancing With Her
Johanna & Meghan

Johanna & Meghan started to plan a more ‘traditional wedding’ but quickly realized they were trying to please everyone else and not thinking about what was most important to them.

Morning-BV-Wedding-Cascais-JJMT-Photography-Lisbon-Wedding-Photographer lesbian two bride gay Dancing With Her
Barbara & Vera

Barbara is from Brazil, Vera from Portugal and this wedding celebrates the coming together of their families and their cultures.

Zakas Photography lesbian gay queer couple Iceland Europe elopement waterfall wedding Dancing With Her international magazine
Cynthia & Danielle – An Elopement in Iceland

For the start, these two lovers knew they wanted something adventurous to solidify their marriage. So, they chose to elope to Iceland together.

Shooting Marriage Fiona Anna by Pascal Canovas lesbian two brides Europe France elopement wedding Dancing With Her magazine
French Love In Brittany

Words by Chloé from D Day wedding Planner Agency Discover Anna and Fiona’s shooting in…