A collection of LGBTQ+ engagements and proposals from around the world.

Rhode Island Lesbian Engagement Photography - Dancing With Her
Melissa & Sabrina – A Proposal with their Dog

Melissa always wanted to propose, and Sabrina was okay with that. Proud dog moms, she planned the perfect proposal using their dog, Zoey.

Surprise Same-Sex Proposal - Ontario Engagement Photography
Allie & Chenice – A Coffee Date Proposal

Chenice had no idea that their ‘regular’ coffee date would end with her dream morganite and rose gold ring and a fiance.

Sydney Luxury Proposal Company - Dancing With Her - Same-Sex Engagement
Alyse & Melissa – A Rooftop Sunset Proposal

Melissa went through a few proposal plans before she landed on the final plan – a sunset proposal on their apartment building rooftop.

Michigan Same-Sex Enagement Photography - Dancing With Her - Engagement Photoshoot
Claire & Megan – Learning to Communicate

Megan and Claire’s love started as a good rom-com; they met on Tinder and met face-to-face for the first time at a baggage claim carousel.

Disabled Lesbian Engagement - Proposal Photoshoot - Dancing With Her
Clary & Percy – Love, Disability & Chronic Illness

Clary thought a love like this wouldn’t be possible, especially growing up in a religious Black family and as someone with a chronic illness and invisible disability.

Lesbian Engagement - Sarah Nicole Engagment - Dancing With Her
Katy & Melissa – A Maui Proposal by on a Cliff

Katy planned the proposal during an big family trip to Maui, and the entire family was in on the secret – Melissa had no idea.

Thanksgiving Lesbian Proposal - Dancing With Her
Ivy & Shania – A Thanksgiving Proposal Surrounded by Family

Ivy chose Thanksgiving, surrounded by both their families, to ask Shania to be her wife – Shania couldn’t have been more unsuspecting.

The Mood Lab Photography Mali Flores lesbian Dancing With Her magazine directory
Andrea & Cassie

When a florist is hosting their own romantic engagement party you know that the styling is going to be something special – and it was!

Lesbian Outdoor Proposal - Dancing With Her - Garnet Dahlia Photography
Katie & Molly – A Birthday Photoshoot turned Proposal

Katie knew that a proposal would come, eventually. But, when Molly organized a photoshoot turned proposal, she was still taken by surprise!

Alternative Lesbian Engagement Session - Cornwell Wedding Photographer
Laura & Vicki – A Fun Naked Engagement Shoot

Laura and Vicki met five years before they’d find themselves dating and inseperable. They celebrated their engagement with this fun naked photoshoot.