A collection of worldwide LGBTQ+ engagement stories.

Amanda Prestes photography lesbian gay queer trans couple Brazil South American couple love photos engagement proposal America Dancing With Her
Maria & Marรญlia

With the threat of losing marriage equality rights in Brazil looming, Marilia proposed to Maria with a $3 ring in their kitchen, the moment didn’t ask for anything fancy.

Fox & Kin Love Is Love Australia Forest lesbian gay marriage photography Dancing With Her wedding directory magazine
Emma & Jo

When a holiday popped up to the Whitsundays, Emma knew she had to take Jo by surprise with a day she’d never forget.

The Bold Americana photography lesbian gay queer multiple sclerosis disability couple Disneyland USA Dancing With Her
Kalin & Marnie

After an engagement overshadowed by an unsupportive family member and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, Kalin and Marnie knew Disneyland was the place to celebrate their engagement.

Ridge and Ramble American lesbian Military Asian engagement proposal Dancing With Her wedding magazine
Caty & Heather

A scavenger hunt led Caty to their favorite picnic spot, where Heather was waiting patiently on one knee to propose to her wife-to-be.

Transcending Photography Colorado USA lesbian gay engagement proposal Dancing With Her wedding directory magazine
Kacee & Malanei

A blizzard in Colorado nearly stopped an overseas holiday, a holiday where Malanei planned to propose to her girlfriend, Kacee. Thankfully, it didn’t.

Oh Lovely Wedding photography lesbian gay queer beach engagement proposal USA American photos Dancing With Her
Shay & Vel

They met via an app, and spoke for weeks via Facetime and text before they finally had the chance to meet, face to face. That’s when sparks flew.

Baylee Dennis Photography lesbian queer couple beach engagement proposal Portland America Dancing With Her
Shasta & Whitney

Sashta was so convinced that a proposal was coming, but when it did come, she had no idea. Baylee Dennis Photographer captured their Portland Engagement.

Krist Mupo Photography lesbian queer couple engagement proposal photos United States of America Dancing With Her worldwide wedding directory magazine
Kirstin & Margie

This queer proposal was low stakes, Kirstin had already proposed to Margie. At Cathedral Park in Portland, Margie got down on one knee and asked; ‘can I keep you?’

April Pinto Photography Texas America lesbian gay engagement proposal photos Dancing With Her
Julie & Mary-Kate

These two lovers met through mutual friends and share their Texas restaurant engagement and love story with us. They marry in July.

Kate Roberge Photography lesbian queer gay couple double engagement proposal New Zealand mountains Dancing With Her
Courtney & Kelsey – A Double Proposal

Courtney & Kelsey made a mutual decision to propose, so booked a photographer to have the moments captured on film forever. They both proposed in New Zealand.