Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories from around the world.

Becka & Julianna – Coming Out to be Together

Creatives, Becka & Julianna found love unexpectedly, but it was a romance that blossomed into a connection like no other, a love without boundaries.

Cassie & Jenaya – Love in Bermuda

Cassie & Jenaya first met at a Latin dance night in the tiny island of Bermuda. Their love exists in a country where it isn’t always widely accepted.

Allyson & Sheila – Wildly and Fiercely in Love

Married back in 2017, Allyson and Shelia are wildly in love and they’ve had to fight to keep their love alive after some struggles.

Moving Countries to be Together - Berlin Street Engagement Shoot - Dancing With Her
Anna & Maja – Moving Countries to be Together

These two Berlin based entrepreneurs fell for each other, literally. They reconnected at a basketball tournament and have move countries to be together

Long-Distance Love Story and COVID Wedding - Dancing With Her
A Long-Distance Love Story & A COVID Wedding Day – Chloe & India

A long-distance love story, romantic proposal and wedding plans that came to a halt when COVID lockdown laws came into effect.

First Lesbian Relationship - Gina Cawley Photography - Queer Photographer
Jordana & Sandra

For these two lovers, this has been their first relationship and with that has come many learnings. From finding ways to communicate effectively to navigating life’s ups and downs.

Isolation Photoshoot - Liv Shultheis Photography - San Franscico California Photography
Hunter & Liv

An impromptu photoshoot between lovers in self-isolation from COVID-19. Hunter and Liv also share with us a little snapshot into their love story, so far…

Bailey Cross Photography - Colorado Wedding Photography - Dancing With Her (2)
Ashleigh & Quincy

Celebrating two years of love with a photography session, these two queer lovers met in Tennessee, knew one another for five years before their love story began.

Adventures Stories By Us American Mexican lesbian couple engagement proposal Dancing With Her online wedding directory magazine
Brittney & Patty

Patty was born in Mexico, Brittney, America. Their cultural differences have been both a challenge in their relationship and one of the best things for it.

AE Photography lesbian two bride love story engagement America Dancing With Her worldwide print magazine
Hillary & Jessica – Finding Her

Hillary, a single mom at the time, always dreamt of finding her daughter, Harper, another Mommy; and then they met Jessica. Jessica fit into the small family perfectly.