LGBTQ+ Real Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories that will make your heart explode. From the love stories about where it all began, engagements, and weddings to lovers navigating the journey to parenthood, these are real love stories that celebrate all things LGBTQ+ love and relationships.

Sienna plus Josh lesbian two brides American waterfall elopement Dancing With Her online directory magazine
Audrey & Kate

A big wedding seemed far too overwhelming, so Audrey & Kate decided that an elopement by the waterfall, Kate’s Mom the officiant, was perfect.

Kristín María Stefánsdóttir lesbian two bride gay Iceland Europe wedding elopement Dancing With Her
Johanna & Meghan

Johanna & Meghan started to plan a more ‘traditional wedding’ but quickly realized they were trying to please everyone else and not thinking about what was most important to them.

DD Ann Media lesbian gay same-sex black couple America American proposal engagement Dancing With Her (2)
Beonca & Cierra

Beonca and Cierra’s first date was in Starbucks, and so Cierra knew it was the most perfect place to propose to her human, and it was a complete surprise.

Morning-BV-Wedding-Cascais-JJMT-Photography-Lisbon-Wedding-Photographer lesbian two bride gay Dancing With Her
Barbara & Vera

Barbara is from Brazil, Vera from Portugal and this wedding celebrates the coming together of their families and their cultures.

Graham Murray Photography lesbian same-sex couple Brisbane Queensland wedding Dancing With Her Magazine
Kate & Steph

Kate and Steph had a cocktail wedding with their favorite people, some of whom only met for the first time on the night!

Lex and the Lotus Redwoods California America lesbian two bride biracial forest wedding Dancing With Her online directory magazine
Gailey & Reina

Under the Redwoods of California, Gaily and Reina married. Rain meant that their reception couldn’t be outdoors as they’d hoped, but it was still perfect.

Mike Hemus Photography Adelaide South Australia lesbian marriage wedding Dancing With Her
Ash & Sash

Ash and Sash spent three years planning their rustic but industrial wedding day in Adelaide. There was plenty of white with pops of greenery.

Michelle Sobel Photography lesbian gay same-sex couple wedding California USA Dancing With Her online directory magazine
Lyndsey & Vanessa

So much thought went into this romantic wedding in California. From including family members and friends in every aspect to DIY projects done by the brides.

Amanda Booker photography deep south America lesbian gay queer engagement proposal couple love photos Dancing With Her
Lauren & Morgan

Lauren and Morgan grew up in the deep south, with a real lack of queer representation. They share their at-home engagement story, complete with a ring from grandma.

Jeri Stein Photo New York America lesbian two brides engagement proposal Dancing With Her Magazine
Sarah & Steph

Steph chose a family holiday to New York City at Christmas to propose to the woman of her dreams in Central Park. The weather wasn’t perfect, but the moment was.