LGBTQ+ Real Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories that will make your heart explode. From the love stories about where it all began, engagements, and weddings to lovers navigating the journey to parenthood, these are real love stories that celebrate all things LGBTQ+ love and relationships.

Chrissy G Photography lesbian Washington America women in love proposal engagement photos Dancing With Her magazine
Fran & Lynnea – A Proposal on Stage at the Kennedy Centre

With a shared love of theatre, Fran & Lynnea shared a musical theatre themed engagement on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Shelby Ayn Photography Disney lesbian gay couple proposal engagement America Dancing With Her
Daisy & Vanessa – A Disney Engagement Tale

When your dream is to be proposed to at Disneyland, and your partner makes that proposal a reality, it really is what dreams are made of!

Alex Jack Photography Newcastle New South Wales Australia lesbian lgbt proposal engagement photos Dancing With Her
Dom & Emma

Newcastle brides to be, Dom and Emma share their engagement story and how planning an elopement from another country has been. 

Marylane Studios photos Hawaii Hawaiian lesbian gay lgbt couple beach engagement proposal Dancing With Her wedding magazine
Helen & Julia – A Proposal In Hawaii

Hawaii is a place close to this couple, who usually reside in North Carolina. And, it was the perfect spot for Julia to get down on one knee and propose.

Megan Therese lesbian gay same-sex couple Rhode Island America proposal engagement Dancing With Her
Jess & Kelsey

Jess planned an incredible scavenger hunt that would eventually lead to her in a greenhouse waiting down on one knee with a question to ask.

Engaged Nathanial Jensen Photography Omaha Nebraska lesbian same-sex lgbt USA couple engagement proposal Dancing With Her
Lianna & Sarah – Engaged At A Murder Mystery Party

Sarah always wanted a proposal that was around the people that she loved. So, at a family and friends murder mystery night, Lianna gave her now-fiancé just that.

Liv Lyszyk Photography Michigan USA America lesbian same-sex gay queer couple wedding marriage photos Dancing With Her online magazine
Katrina & Sasha

These two lovers wanted a wedding day that authentically represented them and their love story. Neither lover wore a dress, and they wrote their own emotional vows.

Same-Sex Wedding Inspiration Morgan Roberts Photography Gold Coast Brisbane Queensland lesbian gay queer lgbt couple wedding photos Dancing With Her digital magazine
Bec & Jo

These two lovers waited seven years between proposal and wedding day – they wanted their day, and marriage equality, to be legally recognized in Australia.

Tampa Wedding Photography - Lesbian Engagement Session - Kirnos Photography
Duda & Megan

Sometimes love is found unexpectedly, and it was just that for Duda and Megan. Never having dated women in the past it was a journey oF self-acceptance and coming out.

Love is Rad USA lesbian two brides elopement Dancing With Her online wedding magazine directory
Juliet & Kim

When Juliet and Kim started wedding planning, but were quickly overwhelmed. So, with their families blessing, they decided to elope, and it was magical.