Sara Hannagan Photography Perth Western Australia lesbian two bride gay couple wedding Dancing With Her wedding directory magazine
Erin & Lauren

Tell us a little about yourselves. E & L: Erin’s an aspiring writer, and Lauren, she’s…

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Megan & Sierra – A Surprise Proposal

Sierra found the perfect ring for Megan and started brainstorming how she wanted to propose.She wanted me to photograph it, but the problem with that was that Megan knows me and we were worried if she saw me hiding in a coffee shop or something, it would give it away. That led to us planning this elaborate styled shoot.

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Gabby & Lila

After a romantic, personal proposal that happened one afternoon spontaneously, Gabby and Lila chose to have an engagement shoot that was just as personal; at their own home, together with their cat. 

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Dom & Emma

Dom and Emma wouldn’t consider themselves a traditional couple, rather, they like to approach life a little more outside the lines. They knew that a big wedding day just wouldn’t suit them as a couple and so they eloped to New Zealand, with just their mothers as guests, & ditched their white dresses for something ‘them’.

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Jenna & Tori

Jenna and Tori are two women whose friendship blossomed into romance over a period of years. They recently wed in Arizona, in a nature-inspired ceremony among the canyons.

Ilenia & Lorenza

Ours is an ordinary love story. One of those where two people suddenly realize they are meant for each other. A true love story, romance and ordinary life, like so many others. We are Lorenza and Ilenia. We are Italians and currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

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April & Jennifer

Every relationship is a story. While there is plenty in each story that we can’t control, there are moments when we get to make decisions about the kind of story a relationship will become over time. When it comes to our relationship, April and I both believe this love is our masterpiece.

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Ashley & Sydney

Their love story started when they both swiped right, numerous times. It took seven months of deleting and reinstalling the app, talking on and off before they finally went on their first date. Sydney says it’s because Ashley was intimidating and she was a little afraid of all the tattoos (and the fact that she’s a Slytherin!) but Ashley won her over and it wasn’t long before the two became inseparable. They share their engagement story with us.

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Erin & Theresa

On August 11th, in the privacy of a random jungle off the beaten path in a public park, we got married. It was quite literally a perfect day. We planned next to nothing for the elopement, yet found ourselves wondering what it would look like until the wee hours of the morning.

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Cien & Viv

On a Saturday night in Brisbane’s West End six years ago, Viv became distracted by a free spirit on the dancefloor. Viv couldn’t focus on the conversation with her friends and they prompted her to go and speak to her. She approached Cien and said; ‘hi, I’m Viv’ and it was all it took.