Smaller Weddings

A authentic two bride small wedding in New Mexico, USA
Taryn & Alexis’ Whirlwind Romance and Magical Wedding Adventure

Discover Alexis and Taryn’s wedding journey, from college encounters to unforgettable proposals. Their intimate day, filled with joy, laughter, and personalized touches, exemplifies the beauty of love in every form. Dive into their story of togetherness and celebration.

A romantic lesbian love story turned intimate wedding
Jillian and Louise’s Inspiring Wedding Journey

Follow Jillian and Louise’s journey, from a chance meeting in Patagonia to a heartfelt proposal and a magical backyard wedding in 2022.

A Puerto Rico small lesbian wedding
Cherese & Valentina’s Journey of Love & Acceptance

Cherese and Valentina triumphed over challenges, embracing their love story with resilience. Their journey led to a cherished Puerto Rican wedding, a testament to their enduring bond.

An intimate lesbian wedding in Portland, Oregon
Long-Distance Adventures and an Intimate Wedding

From swiping right to an enchanting open-water swim, Abby & Shaina’s journey led them to an intimate wedding celebration.

A romantic military lesbian wedding
Stacey and Paulina’s Extraordinary Love Story

Join Stacey and Paulina on their extraordinary journey of love, where military life, undeniable chemistry, and a leap of faith brought them together. From a cheeky kiss to a breathtaking wedding day, their story will warm your heart and inspire you to embrace love’s unexpected twists.

A romantic lesbian wedding in Colorado's Rocky Mountains
Kat & Sierra’s Rocky Mountain Wedding

Get ready to dive into the heartwarming journey of a lesbian wedding! From a chance encounter on HER to unforgettable moments and a dreamy proposal, join us as we celebrate love, laughter, and cherished memories. Get inspired for your own special day and embrace the beauty of love.