A collection of worldwide LGBTQ+ wedding stories.

Emiley Creates photography lesbian two bride DIY wedding United States of America gay marriage Dancing With Her
Emily & Robyn

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They met, and six months later took off on a long-term backpacking trip around the globe. Emily & Robyn share their, extra special, DIY wedding day.

River West photography lesbian queer same-sex couple unique wedding marriage USA Dancing With Her
Kyra & Portia

They married in a courthouse ceremony, then didn’t tell their loved ones for 4 months while they planned how to tell them. Kyra & Portia held an engagement party – that soon turned into a marriage announcement and later held a reception/ one-year anniversary. A unique wedding day story.

Sara Hannagan Photography Perth Western Australia lesbian two bride gay couple wedding Dancing With Her wedding directory magazine
Erin & Lauren

Tell us a little about yourselves. E & L: Erin’s an aspiring writer, and Lauren, she’s…

Jamie Allio photography Arizona USA lesbian two brides large outside wedding Dancing With Her
Jenna & Tori

Jenna and Tori are two women whose friendship blossomed into romance over a period of years. They recently wed in Arizona, in a nature-inspired ceremony among the canyons.

Tara Beth Photography lesbian two bride Mrs & Mrs gay wedding USA America interracial couple photos Dancing With Her Digital magazine
April & Jennifer

Every relationship is a story. While there is plenty in each story that we can’t control, there are moments when we get to make decisions about the kind of story a relationship will become over time. When it comes to our relationship, April and I both believe this love is our masterpiece.

Amanda Peppermint Photography Brisbane West End lesbian gay queer warehouse garden wedding Dancing With Her magazine
Cien & Viv

On a Saturday night in Brisbane’s West End six years ago, Viv became distracted by a free spirit on the dancefloor. Viv couldn’t focus on the conversation with her friends and they prompted her to go and speak to her. She approached Cien and said; ‘hi, I’m Viv’ and it was all it took.

Girl With The Tattoos Michigan Chicago USA American lesbian two brides same-sex couple wedding elopement Dancing With Her digital online magazine
Bella & Lindsey

A heartwarming story of two army vets who met while in Afganistan and denied their feelings for the sake of not compromising the rest of their deployment. Here’s their love story, through their eyes.

MLE Pictures Hawaiian Hawaii Island beach lesbian two brides gay couple photos wedding elopement Dancing With Her
Erica & Maidel

When Erica and Maidel struggled to find a venue in their home state, they opened up their options and fell in love with a cliff overlooking the ocean in Hawaii. They wed in a romantic ceremony that paid homage to Hawaiian traditions with their closest loved ones. 

Lovers of Love photography lesbian two brides American United Kingdom London YouTube lovers wedding marriage Dancing With Her online directory magazine
Megan & Whitney – A Feminine Palm Springs Wedding

Megan and Whitney, Youtubers known as ‘Wegan’ where long distance lovers from the UK & USA that married in a romantic and feminine Palm Springs wedding.