Category: Engagements

Hazel & Jess

On Thansgiving afternoon Hazel & Jess asked one another three things they were each thankful for, each of Hazels answers alluding to a pending proposal.

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Alysa & Joelle

Alysa and Joelle met on OkCupid and they quickly fell in love with their shared passion for health and fitness. On a beach in summer, with family watching Alysa asked Joelle to marry her.

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Chey & Soph

If your partner asked you to climb a rockface, would you? Sophie did, and it turned out to be the perfect proposal. Chey (pronounced ‘shy’) and I recently to…

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Jess & Lucie

One of the standout parts of Jess & Lucie’s story is how Jess proposed. Lucie, a massive fan of Disney and all things fairytales, was handed a leather-bound notebook and inside, Jess had scribed a fairytale, featuring their very own love story. It’s one of the most romantic wedding proposals. 

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