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Chantal & Sam

Chantal and Sam share their at home, intimate, sunset engagement session. Their love is something that grew over time, but when everything aligned they found a home together, grew their family and at sunrise along the California Beach, Sam asked Chantal, will you marry me?

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Gabby & Lila

After a romantic, personal proposal that happened one afternoon spontaneously, Gabby & Lila chose to have an engagement shoot that was just as personal; at their own home, together with their cat. 

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Cheyanne & Yara

We’ve all heard the stereotypes around women who love women and softball, but for Cheyanne & Contreras it’s both the sport that made their lives cross paths, and the inspiration behind their engagement shoot.

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Ashley & Sydney

Their love story started when they both swiped right, numerous times. It took seven months of deleting and reinstalling the app, talking on and off before they finally went on their first date. Sydney says it’s because Ashley was intimidating and she was a little afraid of all the tattoos (and the fact that she’s a Slytherin!) but Ashley won her over and it wasn’t long before the two became inseparable. They share their engagement story with us.

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Amy & Nicole

For some, a proposal is extravagant, for others, it happens in a spur of the moment when you’re out at dinner and the views of your favourite person and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are just the right amount of magic to pop the question. Amy & Nicole’s engagement wasn’t planned but it was perfect.

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Petra & Shari

Adventurous couple, Petra & Shari knew they were heading down to the beach for a few photographs to help expand photographer, Talitha Crawford’s portfolio – what Petra didn’t know was that Shari was planning to ask her ‘will you marry me?’ in a surprise proposal. We sat down with them and asked them all the juicy details. 

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