Category: Engagements

Amy & Nicole

For some, a proposal is extravagant, for others, it happens in a spur of the moment when you’re out at dinner and the views of your favourite person and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are just the right amount of magic to pop the question. Amy & Nicole’s engagement wasn’t planned but it was perfect.

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Petra & Shari

Adventurous couple, Petra & Shari knew they were heading down to the beach for a few photographs to help expand photographer, Talitha Crawford’s portfolio – what Petra didn’t know was that Shari was planning to ask her ‘will you marry me?’ in a surprise proposal. We sat down with them and asked them all the juicy details. 

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Liz & Stephanie

A day at the spa turned into an epic scavenger hunt around the city to find her, now fiance, down on one knee asking, will you marry me? Liz and Steph’s proposal story is one that will make your heart burst.

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Megan & Sarah

Sarah’s Pa was given 3 months to live. Knowing that he might not make it to their wedding day, Sarah decided to include him in their proposal – complete with the video, you’ll need the tissues for this one!

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Erica & Jacquie

As if overcoming a long distance relationship wasn’t hard enough, Erica and Jacquie have overcome more obstacles than any couple should. They are living proof that love can conquer mountains.

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Heather & Nicole

Nicole carried an engagement ring in her bag at all times for 2 months so that she could propose right after Heather – but it wasn’t the first thought in her mind when the time came.

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