Category: Engagements

Kelsi & Lucy

A sunrise photo shoot turned into a surprise proposal as Kelsi got down on one knee and asked her love, ‘Will you marry me?’

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Emma & Jo

When a holiday popped up to the Whitsundays, Emma knew she had to take Jo by surprise with a day she’d never forget.

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Megan & Sarah

Sarah’s Pa was given 3 months to live. Knowing that he might not make it to their wedding day, Sarah decided to include him in their proposal – complete with the video, you’ll need the tissues for this one!

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Heather & Nicole

Nicole carried an engagement ring in her bag at all times for 2 months so that she could propose right after Heather – but it wasn’t the first thought in her mind when the time came.

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Jessie & Kat

Meet Brisbane women, Jessie and Kat, they have recently celebrated their engagement. Jessie knew that Kat was planning a proposal around Christmas, so, she jumped the gun, flew overseas and got down on one knee.

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Madison & Erin

Erin and Madison, two women with a tremendous amount of love for one another, share their story of love and engagement with Dancing With Her.

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