Category: Real Stories

Kyra & Portia

They married in a courthouse ceremony, then didn’t tell their loved ones for 4 months while they planned how to tell them. Kyra & Portia held an engagement party – that soon turned into a marriage announcement and later held a reception/ one-year anniversary. A unique wedding day story.

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Athena & Jess

Athena & Jess are two emergency nurses who married in Toronto, Canada in a ceremony on Ward’s Island. Their ceremony was relaxed, with emphasis on making it more of a party than a wedding day.

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Jennifer & Sky

We’re both from Manitoba, Canada. We met about two years ago and we’ve been glued at the hip ever since. We spend our time browsing used book-stores, road tripping to concerts, camping, sipping sangria and spending lazy Sundays at home with our guinea pigs and our cat.

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