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Reesa & TerriLynn

I read aloud the first journal entry which talked about how I wanted to capture our life experiences on paper so we can relive them over and over for years to come. I then pulled out her engagement ring, got down on one knee and also proposed. A double proposal.

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Heather & Kate

Heather & Kate’s Earth House wedding set deep in Byron Bay’s hinterland was met with classic beauty and effortless country glam. Think hues of French navy and cream, bouquets of wildflowers, contemporary structures draped in soft fabrics and a glitz of gold detail

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Abigail & Christine

Abigail and Christine, found love looking for ‘friends’ on a dating website. They fell in love over number of months before Christine asked Abigail, ‘will you marry me?’. They share their Lake Tahoe, California, wedding day with us.  

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Chelsea & Courtney

Chelsea and Courtney are a couple that both swiped right but then didn’t connect until they both matched on another dating site a little while later. While some might see it as a coincidence, Chelsea and Courtney know, it just meant that the timing was perfect – it was meant to be. They share their engagement story with us. 

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