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Dom & Emma

Dom & Emma wouldn’t consider themselves a traditional couple, rather, they like to approach life a little more outside the lines. They knew that a big wedding day just wouldn’t suit them as a couple and so they eloped to New Zealand, with just their mothers as guests, & ditched their white dresses for something ‘them’.

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Emmalaine & Maddie

For Emmalaine and Maddie, love grew over long nights driving around San Francisco together aimlessly. Within six months they’d moved in together and four years, six months after Emmalaine asked Maddie to be her girlfriend, she got down on one knee and proposed. They share their intimate at-home engagement edit.

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Anni & Silvia

They met seven years ago, Anni needed a bartender for a party and Silvia happened to be very good at pouring drinks. While they didn’t start dating until a few months later, it was a relationship that went right into the deep end to something very serious.

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Aimee & Sara

In their flowing white dresses, carrying matching white umbrellas, Aimee and Sara flew from Vancouver to elope in the mountains of Vernon, BC. 
They took a helicopter ride to a secret lake in the Widgeon Mountain Range and were married by Marilyn, of Young Hip & Married. The weather might not have been perfect, but their intimate wedding day was full of love and grace.  

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