Category: Stories of Love

Ilenia & Lorenza

Ours is an ordinary love story. One of those where two people suddenly realise they are meant for each other. A true love story, romance and ordinary life, like so many others. We are Lorenza and Ilenia. We are Italians and currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

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Jaime & Josa

When photographer, Jess, from Tuesday Photography stumbled across Jaime and Josa loved up on the beachside she knew she had to capture what she saw. Jaime and Josa have just shared their six-month anniversary. We spoke to them about what life has been like since they’ve found one another and how building a relationship during the height of the Marriage Equality debate in Australia has really been. DWH: What are your favourite things about one another? Josa: I don’t think words can describe my favourite things about Jaime, although I have written a lot of poetry about it which seems to...

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Brittany & Michele

Brittany and Michele were married last December in a private, intimate ceremony surrounded by those who are closest to them. They share their love story with us today. They met at Columbia College where they went to school together. Although they were both seeing other people at the time, once they started talking there was an instant connection. There was a special moment early in the friendship where they sat together at Brittany’s family condo in Myrtle Beach. They’d been talking for a few months but were both seeing other people. Brittany walked pass Michele, on her way to...

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