Category: Weddings

Jodie & Nicki

While a winter wedding in the UK isn’t for everyone, Jodie and Nicki used a row of tipi’s and thousands of fairy lights to make their dream wedding day come true!

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Deanna & Lesley

Deanna and Lesley are two brides who enjoy the simple things in life, so they decided to DIY their wedding day. Something rustic and simple, something that was ‘them’. 

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Illana & Vanessa

After a very close friendship over a number of years, Illana and Vanessa found love in an unexpected place, together. They wed in a Jewish ceremony, beachside.

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Cecilie & Nanna

Whilst wedding plans for Copenhagen couple Cecilie and Nanna were interrupted when they found out a baby was on the way, the pair shared a romantic day with friends and family in the Meatpacking district.

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Jess & Libby

It took six months of working together for Jess and Libby to really notice one another and over a long drawn out game of chess, their fate was sealed.

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Dannie & Sarah

Planning a wedding came really easy for Chicago couple Dannie and Sarah. With a background in performance, they shared a low key engagement and went all out with a wedding in a local theatre.

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