Caty and Heather knew each other four years back, but they were both dating other people, and living entirely different lives. One Christmas Caty found herself online and wound up the courage to message Heather. Heather knew from the moment that she saw that message, Caty was the one. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Heather spent months coordinating a scavenger hunt for Caty to explore downtown Fredericksburg, where they spent their first date and have since collected so many other fond memories. Heather kept everything secret from Caty until the day of, when they left the house early in the morning and Heather’s Mom gave Caty her first clue.

At each stop of the scavenger hunt, one of their family members or close friends was there waiting to give Caty her next clue.

Coordinating between eight people, and a photographer, to bring the proposal was stressful, but also rewarding. There were group messages that routed Heather’s movements and estimated arrival times to each stop.

They have a favorite picnic spot, on a rock bed that jets out into the river. One day previous leaving the area, Caty jumped and slammed her knee on the rocks. Heather loves a play on words, so the last clue said; “go to the place where your knee tragically struck the ground. That is where you’ll find me, patiently waiting, to get down on one of mine.”

Caty proposed to Heather not too long after. They had just moved into a new apartment, and while Heather was out getting dinner, Caty dropped to one knee as she came back in the door. It was spur of the moment, intimate and sweet.

Caty gave Heather a custom designed ring from Brilliant Earth. A one-carat Aquamarine is the feature stone – the newly engaged couple laughed when they realized that it looks so similar to the ring emoji!

Heather’s ring was a handcrafted wooded ring with an inlayed white gold ring from Chasing Victory. It’s perfect for heather; the right amount of down to earth and brilliance.

Caty & Heather’s wedding planning is all set! They’ll marry at Bluestone Vineyard in Bridgewater, Virginia, on a beautiful glass encased balcony overlooking open vineyard plains.

Photography Ridge and Ramble