We had been searching for the right place for a couple of months. We knew we didn’t want a fancy ballroom or anything like that so, we were thinking maybe a backyard tent wedding? We ended up finding the best of every world. A greenhouse 15 minutes from our hometown (that we had NEVER seen before, not sure how) that had trees, plants, a cobblestone floor, string lights – it was absolutely perfect.

It was December, and we tried to book an appointment to go see it (we had only seen a few photos) when we contacted them they told us that they were in BC for the next few weeks and only had ONE Saturday left in 2018. We drove over, wiped the snow off a window, peaked inside, called them 5 minutes later with our Visa number and booked it on the spot without even stepping foot inside. We just knew it was “the one”!

[Our wedding day] was the funnest day ever.

Those were the exact words I said on the dancefloor with ALL OF my friends at the end of the night. Our wedding was more perfect than I could ever have imagined.

The night before, we rented a house on the lake in our hometown, had some friends over the night before, kicked them out around 10 pm so that we could try and get a good nights sleep. Everyone told us, ‘you’re not going to be able to sleep’! I legit fell asleep in 3 minutes.

We woke up at 5 am, went downstairs, Chantal made us coffee and we took 20 minutes to write our vows in these cute little vow books we bought. Then we took our coffee to the dock and just cuddled until our friends started to arrive about half an hour later. We really wanted that time together to start our day off properly!

Then we separated. I left with my girls about an hour earlier then Chantal to the salon to start getting ready, and the girls kept us separate when we were both at the salon at the same time. It was kind of exciting because I could hear her but wasn’t allowed to see her which was fun! I went back to the house, and my cousin did my hair.

Once hair and makeup was done I just sat outside on the deck, I was scary calm. All day. So calm. Everyone said Chantal was the same.

Chantal head upstairs to get in her dress. So I couldn’t see her, her girls had to bring Chantal down and take her outside. My maid of honour and I sat in the bathroom while they snuck her out. I could hear all of the girls in the hall crying when she came downstairs, and then ALLL THE EMOTIONS HIT ME. I snuck upstairs with my Mom, got my dress on, had my bridal party come up, had a quick cry, then a touch up, then got ready for our first look.

I was looking forward to it our first look because that was the only thing making me nervous, I just wanted to be with her and around her. Our first look was magical. Chantal looked like an actual angel. I could cry just thinking about it. We had a sweet moment, it was outside, by the water, barefoot, something about being barefoot with the grass between my toes has made that moment so etched in my brain, wow. [As I write this, I realise that I can feel a moment again so vividly!]

Then we yelled for our bridal party who piled out of the house, another amazing moment. Took some photos, had a drink or two and then got onto our SCHOOL BUS! Yes, we got a school bus! After looking at all of the costs a $2000 limo just didn’t seem necessary. The bus took us to the old main street in Newmarket. There was a cute little place with a pub, we went in with our bridal party for a drink, some photos and to kill some time together!

When we got to the venue it was already perfectly set up. Chantal had two of her work friends, Sadaf and Sahel, set up for us. They made our whole vision come to life. They were actual lifesavers all day. I guess we did have day-of-coordinators. I would suggest everyone has at the very least a day of person who looks after those tiny details.

Our ceremony came SO FAST, I feel like I blacked out from arriving to the venue and all of a sudden I was standing in front of Chantal saying my vows. I am usually the calm, cool and collected one trying to bring down Chantal’s stress, but this day was the TOTAL opposite. I wasn’t nervous, I was just VERY emotional. I feel like every single person’s energy was radiating onto me, and I was shaking. I don’t know how its possible but, in that, moment I fell even more in love with her. I suddenly felt like I was in a snowglobe, every single person disappeared, and it was just me, her and our vows to each other.

Dinner was great, didn’t eat more than a bite. Speeches were awesome, I cried another 42 times. We danced with our dads which were some extremely special moments that we will carry with us always. Our first dance was to Ellie Golding – How Long Will I Love You, Chantal just made me laugh the whole time because she was singing in my ear.

Everyone hopped on the dancefloor, and we danced ALL NIGHT LONG, I don’t think I left the dancefloor at all. We had organised our late night snack to be tacos, but I couldn’t even tell you if they came out or not. We had the great idea to Uber Eats 100 McDonalds cheeseburgers to the venue at 11pm. I just remember dancing with a big bag of cheeseburgers handing them out on the dance floor (the best idea we ever had, aside from marrying one another).

We ended the night with emo songs from our high school days with our high school friends. I can still remember the last hour like it was yesterday; 90’s emo bands, my best of friends, singing on the dancefloor like we were at a concert! And, that’s when I screamed ‘THIS IS THE FUNNEST DAY EVERRRR’.

We wanted a whimsical, simple, and romantic wedding. A room filled with candles, and the people we love the most. I can honestly say, it was the most magical, beautiful, amazing day of my life. The amount of love in the air had me vibrating all day.

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