Charlotte & Sammy were married in Wollongong, New South Wales, late 2016.

DWH: How did the engagement happen?

C & S: With a ring that was specifically designed just for her, Sammy proposed to Charlotte on their two year anniversary. We went down to Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay – the very first place we ever holidayed together. Charlotte also popped the question to Sammy, at a romantic lake where we had both spent time down the coast. We both knew the proposal was coming, we just had no idea when!

DWH: How did the wedding planning process go for you both?

C & S: Our wedding was put off 3 times, due to us prioritising our house build. We had originally planned to marry on the beach, but after taking 3 years to build our home we decided that our backyard would make the perfect venue. We had spent so much time building the garden. We even had the unique opportunity to plant flowers that would work with our wedding styling.

C & S: The day was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing and the backyard transformed into a beautiful wedding venue, one we could hardly recognise as our own. We had a lot of help from our bridal party and family, spending time up to the wedding helping to decorate.

We also had a close friend who works as a hair and make-up artist, it helped to keep everything simple on the day.

We had 100 guests at our wedding. We opted to use the local chicken shop as our caterer. We are simple women who would usually opt for a picnic rather than a fancy restaurant, so it seemed unnecessary to choose something fancy for the wedding.

DWH: Without marriage equality in Australia, how did you go about the formalities of the wedding?

C & S: We opted into a relationship register to formalise the wedding. A friend of ours is a celebrant, and they officiated the wedding for us. To us, it was our wedding day and no law can take that away.

We spoke our own personalised vows, which was extra special. With a little (or maybe a lot) of help from Pinterest, writing them was actually very easy!

DWH: What was the best part of the day?

C & S: Our wedding day really was a representation of us. It wasn’t anything too fancy, while still being the most special day of our lives.

And, when the wedding came to a close, we were able to wake up in our own bed, together and ready to start married life.

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