The Belle Hollow was everything we were looking for in a wedding venue. The exposed brick, antique doors, and vibe of the whole building felt like the perfect fit for us. 

We wanted a “Sunday evening” vibe at our wedding. We wanted everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable. Our personalities are very relaxed, and we have a very romantic relationship, so we wanted to carry that feeling into our wedding with our food, decor, and music. 8. Did you undertake any DIY projects for the big day? If yes, what were they? I guess you wouldn’t call it DIY but v

Our wedding day was a blur of rain! We were supposed to get married outside down in a hollow surrounded by gorgeous trees…but it poured all day long. So we had to change all the plans and make it work inside. 

Luckily the inside of Belle Hollow is amazing. It ended up being perfect, despite some initial disappointments around not having the outdoor ceremony we thought we would. Our first looks, ceremony, toasts, and reception were all very personal and romantic. We did not want to “fake” anything for pictures or do much of anything to please anyone but ourselves. 

It was a whole day about us and the special love we share and could not have been any more perfect. 

Marriage is very important to both of us. We both take joining our lives together as one very seriously, and to us, marriage is about spending your life with your best friend and enjoying each other to the fullest. Our marriage is about respecting each other and our feelings to the highest degree. We made vows to each other that day that we both will strive to achieve nonstop. Our marriage is about waking up every day and choosing to be the best wife, mother, and best friend to each other for the rest of our lives. 

We take great pride in being each other’s wife.

Photographer Magnolia + Ember

Catering Miss Lucille’s
Cinematographer John Myers
Donuts Donut Distillery
Florist Sango Florist
H&MU Krista HatcherFelicia Tapia
Rings McKenzie and Smiley
Stationery Minted
Venue The Belle Hollow