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Charly & Samira – Antique Ballroom Wedding Inspiration

Charly & Samira – Antique Ballroom Wedding Inspiration

Vasil Bituni photography lesbian gay queer lgbt couple Berlin Europe Germany wedding marriage Dancing With Her magazine

This styled inspiration celebrates the love of Carly and Samira, two lovers who met at a Berlin club. With vintage hues and antique vibes, its modern ballroom style is unique.

Samira has known me for a long time. She said she danced with me in the Berlin club “Busche” at the time, but I only vaguely remember her beautiful face because I had drunk too much. 

In any case, Samira was made aware in early 2017 that I was single and that we would both make a great couple. She wrote to me on Instagram and started flirting, but she didn’t reply to my answer. Then we saw each other again on March 4, 2017, in a club. Samira was in dire need of intervention while in the middle of an awkward attempt to flirt. I knew immediately who she was with her cute hat on her head, even though she was standing twenty meters away from me. She looked so good. I just had to save her from the situation and win her over. It worked.

I just cheekily intervened and asked her, “Should I save you?” And she said, “Yeeees.” We hugged for a very long time and rocked back and forth. That is the beginning of our love story.

Samira is the calm one of us both in critical situations. If Samira takes on something firmly, she does it mercilessly. She is skilled in craftsmanship and is not too good to get her hands dirty. She is honest and straightforward. I admire her for being able to say “no” in situations.

She is hardworking around the house and likes doing things that I don’t like, such as wipe or clean windows. 

I love her more than anything. She is my love for life, my best friend, and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Photography by Vasil Bituni

Accessories Susanna Kuschek
Acrylic & Wood Deco Braune Biene
Crystal Glassware Reinweiss
Decoration Rental Happily Ever After
Flowers Flower Factory
H&MU Stella Loewnich
Location Ballsaal-Studio
Planning & Design Sarah Linow
Rings Uwe Grebe
Video This Is Your Story
Wedding Dress Anne Wolf

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