Words by Rebekah

We met for the first time on St. Patrick’s Day 2019, after connecting on Hinge. One month later, we were official, and on our 6-month anniversary, Rebekah proposed. 

We knew early on that our connection was something special. It was important to Chasity that a long-term commitment was in place before we moved in together, so being a quick study, I knew this meant an engagement. Chasity said she would take a ring out of a Cracker Jack box, but I wasn’t buying it! A month after we started dating, I had my initial consult with the designer for Chasity’s ring, Jen Boschma, of Love Verite in Marina Del Rey, CA. We agreed to wait until our 6-month anniversary to get engaged; you know…just to be sure. 

From the beginning, I knew I wanted Jen of Love Verite to design her ring. I met Jen through Instagram, by way of my favorite poet, Tyler Knott Gregson, because she had designed his wife’s engagement ring.

 Jen was absolutely amazing throughout the entire experience. It was wonderful to have her support and care throughout the months it took to complete her ring. She was so supportive and reassuring, and I couldn’t imagine going through the process without her. Chasity’s ring contains many special details. The cut of the stone, yellow sapphire, is harmonious cut because Chasity is the most harmonious song I’ve ever heard. The harmonious cut has 11 facets, which represents balance and perfection. There are 11 years between us, and it has provided balance and perfection I didn’t expect until experiencing it with her. 

Around month four, I attempted to throw Chasity off by telling her over dinner one night that I needed a little more time beyond six months to get my ducks in a row. With disappointment in her eyes and her ever harmonious nature, she said she understood. 

In the background, I was lining up our fabulous photography, Celeste Burns, to capture the moment and planning to propose at sunset at our favorite spot on River Road, right on the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, FL. Followed by a post-proposal celebration where we had our first dinner date. 

A week before the proposal, we went to the mountains where Chasity had gone on family vacations growing up. We were celebrating Chasity’s birthday, and while I had considered proposing to her on this trip, she very clearly said in passing that she did NOT want me to propose on her birthday, and so I made other plans. However, the first couple of days into the trip, I noticed she was getting a little overly dressed up for our hikes and casual dinners out. 

It turns out, she was really hoping I would propose on the trip! 


As we’re hiking through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and with tears in her eyes, I had to ask her to please trust the process, because little did she know I was proposing only a week later. I hated seeing her upset but knew she would soon be very happy. 

For me, our engagement means more to me than I could ever put words to, but I’ll try. Committing to Chasity means that not only do I get to experience the most beautiful girl in the world on the daily, but that we’re also committing to help each other experience more vibrant, happy and peaceful lives together, and independently. Chasity’s commitment of love for me is the safest and most secure I’ve ever felt, and the peace that brings me is the greatest gift I’ll ever receive. 

For Chasity, our engagement means she’s one step closer to marrying the woman of her dreams. Growing up, she never thought a love like Bekah was possible. Bekah is the kindest, most caring, and most beautifully mindful and intentional person she’s ever met. She’s deep and passionate, and she can’t wait to spend forever with her.

So far, we’re slaying the wedding planning process. We’re getting married at my family’s beach house on November 20, 2020 near the water at sunset. We want to surrounded by love and joy, so we’re planning for an intimate wedding with our nearest and dearest. 

Because we felt such a connection with the photographer who captured our proposal, we have Celeste coming back to shoot our wedding. We’ve also secured our videographer and band. The big pieces left are our dress and suit, along with catering. My Dad, a renaissance man, will do the majority of our florals. 

Photography Celeste Burns Photography