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Chasity & Yashika – A Proposal in Paris

Chasity & Yashika – A Proposal in Paris

Their love story started with a comment on an Instagram post. Chasity and Yashika don’t live in the same city, but they know their love is something magic. Yashika planned an unforgettable proposal in Paris.

Who are Chasity & Yashika?

Y: We both are mothers of two amazing sons and very excited to blend our family with the four of them! We are both big believers in balancing family, work, personal time, and a spiritual lifestyle. 

We have been together for eight months, I proposed on our six month anniversary. We met on Instagram, Chasity commented on someone’s picture on’s Instagram account, and I immediately sent her a follow. 

The next morning, I woke up and saw she accepted my follow and liked over 20 of my pictures. I sent her a message right away. We chatted for a few hours until I was comfortable asking for her number. A few hours went by, and I made the call that would change my life. We talked for hours, and we had already made plans for me to fly out to Chicago five days later for her birthday weekend. 

We talked every day, leading up to my arrival, without ever video chatting. 

On June 23, 2019, I left for Chicago to meet Chasity for the first time, and now she’s my beautiful fiancé.

They say, when you know, you know. Tell us about planning the proposal?

Y: After four months of dating, I knew I wanted to marry Chasity. I knew we both love to travel, and we talked about traveling more. We both had Paris on our bucket list. 

November 2019, I purchased her ring, and for Christmas, I gave her a trip to Paris. Inside the box, it stated, “Let’s start 2020 by taking Paris off our bucket list and have a photoshoot to capture the memories.” 

She had no clue! 

What does your engagement mean to you both? Has anything changed?

Y: Our engagement is a fairy tale to us because we knew we had found our soulmates from the beginning. We both manifested each other and knew time doesn’t determine true love. 

Nothing has changed since being engaged outside of us, actually talking about future arrangements such as relocating to the same city, purchasing a new home, and planning for the wedding.

We believe that time has no factor in falling in love. When you have been through storms, you know when sunshine enters your life. The journey becomes breathtaking pure happiness, but always remember once you become grateful for the past journey, you begin the next chapter with a clear vision and self-awareness.

Photography by Scander Aidoudi

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