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Chelsea & Lexi – Bold Moody Wedding Inspiration

Chelsea & Lexi – Bold Moody Wedding Inspiration

After keeping their relationship secret for a period of time while they came out to those in their lives, Lexi and Chelsea eventually married. Years later, they came together with their photographer to capture this bold and moody styled wedding inspiration.

The Love Story

Lexi and Chelsea met in 2003 in a rather unremarkable and unromantic way – while working at the same grocery store. They enjoy revealing the humble beginning of their relationship (at the deli counter amidst pungent olives and mayonnaise-y salads) to those who inquire if for no other reason than to see their reaction.

Lexi and Chelsea both felt an immediate bond, deeply rooted trust, and the inexplicable feeling that they had known each other their whole lives. Lexi had not yet come out as gay but knew it to be true. Meeting Chelsea was the catalyst for telling friends and family who she really was. 

On the other hand, Chelsea hadn’t given much thought to her sexuality even though she was 21 years old. Having never dated but assuming she was straight, it took time to reconcile falling in love with Lexi. With who she thought she was. And, what she thought her life would be. Meeting and falling in love forever changed the course of both of their lives in every way. 

Their relationship was kept secret in the beginning – a choice that was painful, but that also meant it was insulated from outside influences. In that space and with that time, Lexi and Chelsea’s relationship was able to safely incubate before they told the world. 

Growing up together through their twenties and thirties allowed Lexi and Chelsea to make incredible memories together. Some are simple – summiting a Lake Michigan dune on a summer night, laughing and dancing into the wind and darkness. Some grand – exploring glowworm caves in New Zealand and zip lining over the St. Kitts rainforest. 

Of course, the proposal is one of the memories that is so very “them.” 

After taco night while on vacation with Chelsea’s family in northern Michigan, Lexi got down on one knee and asked Chelsea to marry her with the morganite ring they had designed together. As an introvert, Chelsea had warned Lexi not to propose in a public place or make a spectacle! After 13 years together, Lexi knew better than to test that!

Lexi is a quick study, good-to-the-core ball of (rainbow!) light who just wants everyone to get along and be happy. She will go to any length for her family, friends, loved ones, strangers, and even those she has never met. She has a heart for serving and lifting up those among us who are on the margins and has fought the bravest fight against her own traumas and struggles to find peace and happiness. 

Chelsea will tell you that Lexi is the most genuinely good and hardest working person she has ever met. 

While Chelsea is stunningly beautiful with her ginger locks, freckled cheeks, and dusty blue eyes, her quick wit and lightheartedness are what initially caught Lexi’s heart. Chelsea is the most incredible wife any person could ever dream of. As a Cancer, she takes pride in providing a warm and safe home, ensuring her loved ones are happy and healthy. She is an accomplished cook, whipping up meals and desserts in a pinch for birthdays, meal trains, neighbors, and friends. She delights in showing her love through food. Chelsea is a gifted writer and singer, truly touching and connecting with those lucky enough to hear her voice. Chelsea is steady and sweet, silly, but refined. Wherever she goes, she is sure to turn heads, inspire laughter, and leave you wanting more!

Lexi is on track to complete her nursing degree in 2022 and is excited to see where it will take her. Chelsea says she should work at a pediatric hospital because she’s a big kid herself. When she isn’t doing homework or working odd jobs, Lexi finds creative outlets to express herself. She’s an accomplished tie-dye artist and even has her own business, Candied Cotton Dyes.

Chelsea has always had a gift for writing and has published work in almost every genre, from cookbooks and poetry to travel and greeting cards. She currently works at print media company Best Version Media and hopes to stay there for a very long time. The culture is incredible, and she adores her team! Together, Lexi and Chelsea daydream about a house in the country, another basset hound and lots of travel (bucket list destinations include Ireland, Australia, Paris, Mexico and a Route 66 road trip!). 

Chelsea and Lexi are opposites, but their friendship, love, ability to crack each other up and dedication to growing their relationship will surely keep the adventures coming!

Photography and Styling by Samantha Joy Photo

Dress Flutter Dress
Florist Mitten Floral
Glass Candlesticks Paddy Wack Vintage
Lollipops Spencer’s Sugar Shop
Make-Up Makeup by Jamie
Ring Local Eclectic
Stationery Letters & Dust
Table & Chairs Alpine Events
Table Runner Snassy Crafter
Tux Stitch & Tie
Venue The Felt Mansion

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