Words by Chelsea

We have been together for a little more than two years. We worked together at the coffee shop. We didn’t start dating until we had worked together for six months. We started out as friends who shared common interests in art, music, and all things spooky. 

So, in all honesty, I had to stop myself from proposing to Sarah for the entire first year of our relationship. It was very much a “when you know, you know” kind of situation. 

Sarah is a textbook introvert, so I knew a public proposal was out. We are unconventional and non-traditional in every sense of the word, and a big, fussy proposal didn’t make sense for us. So, one day, on my way home from work, I decided this was the day. I had no ring, no plan, but I knew it was time to ask. 

I got home from work. Sarah was off that day. She was on the patio, painting. She stopped to hug and kiss me hello and ask how my day was. We were standing there, embracing, surrounded by art supplies and spilled paint, and I asked her. We both cried and laughed and held each other. 

It was absolutely perfect. Impulsive, but perfect.

We didn’t have engagement rings at the time of the proposal but we currently have bands we chose ourselves, which are simple and not too flashy. Sarah and I are practical and not materialistic in the slightest. When we have extra money, it goes to art supplies, exotic cooking or baking ingredients, concert tickets, or a new skull for our décor. We don’t place much value on jewelry, and it didn’t seem necessary. 

Wedding planning is going great! I am an anxious planner, and I had a lot done very early. We chose a great venue [Butler’s Courtyard in League City], and they basically provide everything! We are very grateful we went with them. I do have stress nightmares that things will go wrong, but I believe that’s normal at this stage? I hope it is anyway. 

Our photographer was an easy choice! Sarah and Brianne were co-workers, and she has become one of our closest friends. Brianne Hardcastle Photography and her design company Bee Creative Co. created the perfect photos and invitations for us. Brianne managed to capture our personalities precisely while allowing us to have fun for our engagement photos. 

We love Halloween and dark themes, but we didn’t want to go too cheesy. Sarah named our aesthetic “rustic gothic,” and I think that fits so perfectly. 

Butler’s Courtyard helped us pick our vendors, and we opted for silk flowers! Anywhere we can cut costs, just means more money for the honeymoon. 

Photography by Brianne Hardcastle Photography