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Chelsey & Jessica – Finding Love After Divorce

Chelsey & Jessica – Finding Love After Divorce

Romantic gay wedding in Arizona Sedona USA

We started dating back in 2018 after both going through ugly divorces. It took time for us to find ourselves and we never left each other’s side. We struggled hard to establish what life looked like now that such long chapters had closed. And this new excitement held new challenges for us. Both struggling with jobs, bosses, the kids, loving ourselves and each other. We came out of it strong and are now married and own and operate a successful business together. We have three kids already from a previous marriage and are in the process of RIVF. Making our dream of having a child together.

“After being unhappily married previously, I never in a million years thought that I would experience the romantic engagement, wedding, and honeymoon. It was wonderful…… I grew up in a small Texas town where being gay was something to hide, be ashamed of, and even get in trouble for. I spent junior year in my room reading books because I was grounded for having a girlfriend.  To this day I still have people in my life that tell me we are raising the girls in a bad environment. 

But we and the girls know  the love that is in our home and that this happiness we feel is very right no matter what anyone says.”

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