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Chiara & Hannah

Chiara & Hannah

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Words by Chiara

I am quite the hopeless romantic. I knew Hannah was the love of my life very quickly into our relationship. She is beautiful, smart, funny, adventurous, kind, and optimistic, and I knew I had to keep her. I put a lot of thought into it and decided to do it while we were away in Bali sneakily. I even got the whole family involved to pull it all off. 

We headed out to Gili Islands for a few relaxing days with Hannah’s sister and partner, and that is where I planned to do it. I had written a Shakespeare inspired poem and factored in subtle references to Hannah that I hoped she would pick up on as she read the poem. Asking a lovely lady over in the U.K. to script my words onto an old parchment scroll, and then I brought a bottle from the 1800’s online. I tucked the scroll inside the bottle and picked the perfect spot on the island beach to bury it. 

As Hannah’s sister and partner hid in the bushes waiting to film, we strolled down onto the beach. Then, of course, Hannah wanted to go in the opposite direction to my master plan, didn’t she! Nervously, I finally persuaded her to turn around and walk the other way, as we walked along, I kicked the bottle out of the sand. Hannah instantly thought we had found an old message in a bottle washed onto the shore. She eagerly unrolled it and started reading aloud. By the time she got to the third paragraph, she had connected some of the dots. At the time, her favorite song started playing in the background, and I knelt onto my knee. She fell into my arms, crying, and it was one of the best days of my life.

When it came to wedding planning, there was a decent amount of stress and many moments where we thought about running away and eloping!

When we started bickering, our photographer Ali (real-life legend) sent us a gift hamper that had a letter reminding us not to take it all too seriously. Remember to love each other and have fun. She sent us on a movie date night and even included the choccies. Most moments after that, we tried to remember that no matter how much we decided to plan, it would all be okay when it came to the day. Whatever was going to happen would happen.

We both love the beach, the outdoors, and sitting under a starry night, so having the wedding outdoors was a must. I’m a handy-woman and play around with pallets a lot. So I wanted to do some D.I.Y. pallet furniture, and the theme for the wedding flowed on from there. Hannah was in love with pampas grass. Between that and the wood, we were able to pick our color tones to match.

We spent an entire weekend out in a swamp. Hacking down pampas grass, and for a solid year, our garage turned into a pampas grass drying den. It hung upside down in preparation for our day and even had our neighbors questioning our sanity!

Apart from the beach being super windy, Hannah forgetting her bouquet, my mum and dad getting stuck in a traffic jam and not being able to walk me down the aisle, the wind blowing Hannah’s veil off her head and wrapping around her dad’s neck while walking down the aisle, the limo driver taking us to the wrong location for photos resulting in fewer photos and me nearly pushing Hannah into the water during a photo shoot on the rocks, the day was still magical. All of these unpredictable and unforgettable moments made our wedding all the more special. After the intimate ceremony, our reception was basically one big party. We hired an extra-large dance floor, the drinks got flowing, and horrendous speeches were shared by our nearest and dearest.

My favorite moment was watching Hannah walking down the aisle towards me. The overwhelming feeling of love and happiness I had knowing the rest of my life was going to be amazing with this woman.

Our nephew dropping his dummy into the sand while Hannah said her vows is also a fond memory of the day. As he picked it up to put it back into his mouth, he made the spitting sound trying to get the sand out. Everyone cracked up laughing, and it’s safe to say we know how he feels about her vows.

We also did a surprise first dance on arrival, our version of the Dirty Dancing routine. We had planned to get lessons as it was our dream to perform this dance at our wedding. The big day slowly crept up, and time had gotten away from us. Two days before the wedding, we got a Youtube video going in our theatre and began teaching ourselves the dance in a total spontaneously inspired moment. It was messy and more of a laugh than anything, but we decided to go through with it anyway. Surprisingly we managed to pull it off! 

And, one last unforgettable moment was during the speeches, when Zach (my big brother) delivered his best man speech. He said, “I believe a good marriage is like a good tattoo, it will last forever.” He then unbuttoned his pants to reveal a gay pride love heart tattoo with both of our names in the middle of his leg!! 

Marriage to us means finding that one person you want to share everything with. From having someone who will listen to you complain about the little things that happen at work. Arguing in Coles about buying smooth or crunchy peanut butter only to buy them both. Traveling the world and making unforgettable memories. Picking out magnets from all the cities along the way to store on the fridge one day to show our grandkids. 

Marriage is unique. Everyone has their idea, but when we think of marriage, we think of ours, being best friends and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Photography by Fields & Skies Photography

Bridal Boutique Luv Bridal
Cake Sandy’s Cakes
Catering Paul Platinum Service Catering
Celebrant Wedding’s by Nicole
Ceremony Venue City Beach Foreshore
Cinematographer Jaxon Foale
Desserts Baked by Olivia
Entertainment Steph & Danny, Brandon Poletti DJ
Engagement & Wedding Rings Mazzechelli’s
Florist Anna Flanders, Mellissa Todd Just Brides
Gown & Veil Designer Fara Couture
H&MU Jessica Bates Hair Artistry, Em Artistry
Lighting & Marquee 365 Events
Photo Booth Vintage Photobooths, Harvey the Kombi
Reception Venue Nedlands Yacht Club
Signage On Cloud Designs
Stationery DIY, Creative Design by Nat
Suit Designer YD
Transport Thirties Limousines

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