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Chloe & Taylor – A Lockdown Proposal

Chloe & Taylor – A Lockdown Proposal

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After a year of dating, and during the lockdown, Taylor got down on one knee and presented Chloe with a box of personalized cookies.

We were actually in lockdown at the time of the proposal. We went to a beach nearby, within our radius, and Taylor had invited Chloe’s best friend along so that Chloe would think it was just a regular outing. Little did she know she was actually there to record it all! Once there, Taylor handed Chloe Air Pods with a video she had made with all of our memories from the past year. At the end, Taylor got down on one knee and presented Chloe with a box of personalized cookies which had “will you marry me?” written on them.

Being engaged means being one step closer to where we want to be as a couple, moving forward together. We already live together with our dog Diesel, so we are happy to be taking this next step.

Wedding planning is going well. We’ve organized our venue in Mount Evelyn, and we are going for a rustic, outdoor vibe. For our vendors, there is a variety. Our friend Gina who captured our engagement, is our photographer – that was an easy choice! We also have Chloe’s family friend, who is a baker, to make our wedding cake. Other vendors, we found online or through Facebook groups, and we are using Pinterest to help us style the wedding.

Photography by Gina Cawley

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