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Ciera & Taylar – A Wedding in the Rocky Mountains National Park

Ciera & Taylar – A Wedding in the Rocky Mountains National Park

Rocky Mountains Lesbian Wedding in a National Park - Liz Osban Photography - Dancing With Her

Taylar planned a long weekend getaway in Estes Park about four months in advance. She rented a cute little cabin in the mountains. Having anxiety about the events that were to take place that weekend, Taylar kept asking questions like, “Are you sure you love me?”, “Why would someone like you wanna be with someone like me?” (Always playful and in a teasing manner). The night before the proposal, one of those questions came up again, and Ciera said, “If you ask me to marry you this weekend, I will say no.” 

Taylar was even more nervous now, but she had everything planned and couldn’t back out now. Ciera didn’t grow up close to her dad and Taylar wanted him to be there for this big event in Ciera’s life, so she invited him and Ciera’s little sister up to go on the proposal hike with us. Taylar also hired an undercover photographer to follow us– she looked like any typical tourist, so Ciera didn’t think anything of her. 

We hiked around Lily Lake, and Taylar found the perfect spot overlooking the water and Long’s Peak in the Rocky Mountains. She went off the trail and sat on an area of flat rocks to enjoy the view. She asked Ciera to come to sit next to her. Knowing she couldn’t propose sitting down, she asked Ciera to stand up. She took the ring out of her bag and got down on one knee. Ciera was so surprised and started crying before Taylar could even ask. She said YES! 

As soon as she said “yes,” Taylar asked, “Are you sure? Because last night you told me you’d say no, so it’s okay if you want to wait.” Ciera smiled and said she was sure. I revealed the photographer, and we took photos together before finishing the hike.

Marriage is a commitment, and yes, I know you can commit without marriage. But it means so much more to us. It’s our life. It’s what we stand for and represent. And, it’s our right as human beings to be married, regardless of gender or religious affiliation. We are proud to be married. 

Photographer Liz Osban

Cake Jennuine Sweets
Cake Topper Hobby Lobby
Catering Serious Texas BBQ – Loveland, CO
Celebrant Taylar’s dad, David Carter
Ceremony Venue Moraine Park Amphitheater, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO
Engagement Rings Burri Jewelers
Entertainment Elite Entertainment
Gown Designer Timeless Gowns
H&MU Madeline Bonitatibus
Pants & Shirt H&M
Reception Venue Lake Estes Marina, Estes Park, CO
Shoes Vans
Stationery Shutterfly
Suspenders Aquarius Store
Transport Estes Park Shuttle
Wedding Favours Hobby Lobby, Target
Wedding Rings Staghead Designs

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