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Cindy & Jessica – A Vow Renewal & Unsupportive Parents

Cindy & Jessica – A Vow Renewal & Unsupportive Parents

Unsupportive Family and Parents - Dancing With Her - LGBTQ - Lesbian Love Story

Cindy and Jessica’s love wasn’t always supported by their family. Their love moved quick, and when they married their union wasn’t legal. Since then, they’ve only grown stronger. They share their story about their decision to celebrate a vow renewal and what it’s been like to have unsupportive parents.

Jessica and I actually went to highschool together. Jessica played softball in highschool, so I was familiar with who she was, but we never communicated. We were friends on Facebook, of course, but never realized we had each other as friends. 

One day Jessica commented on my photo and told me how gorgeous I was. I was instantly interested in the attention because she was so beautiful. From there, we messaged each other non-stop. We had many sleepless nights from staying up and laughing/talking under the stars. We would run to get donuts at 3 am because we both have a sweet tooth, be up for work by 8 am and we’d do it all over again the next day! 

Tell us about renewing your vows?

C: Jessica and I got very close, really fast. We had so much chemistry and loved each other so deep and we quickly got engaged within 2 months of being together. We then got married 2 months after that. At the time it wasn’t legal in the state of Oklahoma, so we drove to Iowa which was the closest state where it was legal and got married. It was just her and I and a photographer. 

At that time since we moved so quickly in our relationship our parents were not very supportive but we knew what our hearts wanted. We would have loved to have all of our sweet friends and family, but since we moved so quickly, we didn’t plan anything. 

Six years later, we decided to have a “wedding” and renew our vows. 

The planning became overwhelming so we again decided to keep it intimate and renew our vows – just the two of us. We had a videographer, photographer, florist, cake, the whole shabang, but no guests. 

Now I can say that was the best memory we have had together. 

Renewing our vows. We were six years in and we had grown so much in our marriage, as a couple, and as an individual.

How have you coped with having an unsupportive family?

C: Our biggest challenge we have overcome together has been not living our best life to make someone happy. 

Our parents weren’t always the most supportive. I come from a very strict Catholic family, and of course, their beliefs are different from ours. We had to overcome the judgment from our closest family members, which was extremely heartbreaking. But over the years, we became stronger as a couple. We realized we could not refrain from being the happiest we could be just to make someone else happier. 

Once we let that go, everything fell into place for us. 

What’s your favorite thing about one another?

C: My favorite thing about Jessica is how humble and kind her soul is. She lives in every moment in life and enjoys the little things. Jessica sees the beauty in every person and everything. She is so quick to understand instead of judging something or someone. She makes me feel beautiful and motivates me always to be the best version of myself.

J: I love Cindy’s affection the most. I love the way she makes me feel loved, special, secure, important, and the center of the universe with just her simple touch. I love the way she loves with her heart, and the way she looks at me when she tells me she loves me.

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