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Claire & Megan – Learning to Communicate

Claire & Megan – Learning to Communicate

Michigan Same-Sex Enagement Photography - Dancing With Her - Engagement Photoshoot

Claire & Megan’s love started as a good rom-com; they met on Tinder and met face-to-face for the first time at a baggage claim carousel.

You met online and met at an airport baggage claim. It sounds like a scene from a good rom-com!

M: I was visiting my mom in California for her birthday. I was flying back to Michigan, and Claire and I had been texting while I was waiting to board my flight. She asked if my (now our) friend Peter was picking me up at the airport. I told her Peter had a change of plans and had arranged with someone else we both knew to get me. As I was boarding my flight, Claire texted me, “I could have gotten you,” So I told her I’d be happy for the ride home. 

C: I was mostly kidding! I didn’t really think she would take me up on the offer. I was actually in the middle of cooking dinner when this happened. Her last flight was only about an hour long, and the drive to the airport was about the same. I left the food on the stove for my roommate and got in the car. I had been hoping we would go on a date when Megan got back from her trip, so I figured an hour in the car together gave us a chance to get to know each other at least. Megan says I talked about myself the whole time.

M: She did! But she carried my bags up to my third-floor apartment and we ended up making out on my couch, so I’d say it was a pretty good first date. 

Whats one of your favorite memories together?

M: This is a tough question when you’re always making new memories together. Honestly, I would have to say the Day we took our engagement photos is such a special memory for me. We love going to the beach together and having picnics, so having the most insanely beautiful picnic I’ve ever seen with my best friend at sunset really tops the list. We could not have had more beautiful weather for the evening. We laughed and kissed and “twinkled” our fingers. I was in a daze for at least a week after and also really sore from the dune climbing.

C: I’d have to choose our first trip to California together about a year before. We had just gotten engaged, and really it was our first time traveling and flying across the country together. You learn a lot about a person when you travel together and see them through the highs and lows of it. We did so many amazing things like hiking and exploring San Francisco. Since Megan is from the Bay Area, it was fun to have her show me around.

Among the good times, there have been some challenges. Tell us more about those.

M: Learning how to communicate with each other, especially about needs and emotions and the really hard stuff. 

It’s extremely challenging learning how to work through arguments when you want to run away or avoid the crappy stuff. It’s terribly hard to be vulnerable and honest about the stuff that goes on inside your head. 

We’re both learning how to live together and love each other in the best ways we can. Overall what I think matters is that we’re getting really good at overcoming any challenges together.

C: I would have to agree with Megan. Learning to communicate with one another through both the good and the bad has been something that, while challenging at times, has been totally worth it. We are both people who wear their emotions on their sleeves, so learning to hold space for each other and communicate what we need from the other person is something that I think we have grown leaps and bounds with since the beginning.  

And, you’re engaged! Tell us a little about the proposal.

M: In October, Claire proposed while were on a fall hike. We had stopped to sit on a log above a small stream when she pulled out the ring and asked me to marry her. 

My response was “about damn time,” as I had been waiting all day for her to pop the question! 

We celebrated our engagement with family in California. 

We wanted to have beach engagement photos, and we spent a long time looking for the right photographer. After finding and talking to Andi, we knew we had found the right person. The day we took these photos was absolutely perfect. 

I know I can’t wait to be the Lewis Family.

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

M: My favorite thing about Claire is how she loves me. She is so consistent and honest with her love. I have never had to question or wonder if she loves me because she is always showing up and doing the work. Even little things like warming up my car on cold mornings or always having my back in an emergency. 

I also know this love doesn’t stop at me. She truly cares so much about the people around her and would do anything to help a friend. 

C: I’m a Libra, so trying to narrow it down to just one choice is virtually impossible for me (haha). I love how much Megan pushes me to grow and how supportive she is of me chasing my dreams. I’m just finishing my Masters, and she is like, “Find a job, and I’m following you!!”. She is always encouraging me to try new opportunities and is always so encouraging when I need someone to be there for me. 

She is my rock and my biggest supporter, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Now you’re engaged, what does your future look like?

M: We just officially started wedding planning since we have finally picked a date. We booked Andi as our photographer as soon as we could and are working on finalizing the rest of the plans for the Day. We both know everything will fall into place as it’s meant to and the day will be beautiful no matter what. 

After the wedding I’m up for anything as long as we’re together choosing our adventures as wives. 

Claire: I’m currently working on finishing my masters, and I am on the hunt for a full-time job. We are really excited to explore a new city/state, so a move is on the horizon as well. We are both creatures of habit so while it’s a little nerve-racking having to juggle everything, we are excited for the next adventure, wherever that may be.

It’s a lot going on with a wedding in the works but we’re both very excited about the things to come. 

Captured by Andi Bennett

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