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Adventure, Love, and Mountains: A Beautiful Colorado Elopement

Adventure, Love, and Mountains: A Beautiful Colorado Elopement

A Beautiful Colorado Mountain Elopement

Samantha and Ashley had always known that a big, traditional wedding wasn’t their style. Instead, they loved each other and wanted to celebrate their commitment in a way that felt true to them. So, they decided to elope in one of their favorite places in the world: the mountains of Colorado.

As they walked down the aisle, or rather, the path by the river where they exchanged vows, they couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude. They were surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, their two beloved dogs, and a small team of vendors who made their elopement everything they had dreamed of.

The ceremony was simple yet meaningful. They exchanged heartfelt vows they had written themselves, promising to support each other through life’s ups and downs, to laugh together often, and to continue exploring the world side by side. Then, when they sealed the deal with a kiss, the sun broke through the clouds and shone down on them as if to bless their union.

After the ceremony, they took some stunning photos with their photographer, Emily. They had chosen her because of her artistic style and love for nature. They wanted to capture the beauty of the mountains and their love for each other in a way that felt authentic and true to them. Emily did not disappoint.

Next, they had a romantic picnic with champagne and their pups in a grove of aspen trees. They shared stories, laughed, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. It was a moment of pure joy and relaxation.
As the day went on, they explored more of the mountains and stopped for pizza at their cozy cabin as the rain poured down outside. They talked about their favorite moments of the day and dreamed about their future together.

As they looked back on their elopement, they both agreed it was their best decision. They had saved money, avoided the stress of planning a big wedding, and had a day that was uniquely their own. They also appreciated the fact that they had more time to explore the beautiful mountains of Colorado together.

Now, as they look to the future, they are excited to start a family and continue their adventures together. They know that whatever comes their way, they will face it with the same love, commitment, and sense of adventure that they had on their elopement day.

Photographer Emily May Photography

Engagement Rings Brilliant Earth
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