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Cori & Jess – A Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Cori & Jess – A Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Scavenger Hunt Proposal - Lesbian Engagement - Framed by Emily Photography Netherlands LBGT Photographer (15)

Jess’ proposal was planned for a whopping five months. Through downtown Seattle, she planned an epic scavenger hunt proposal. Seaplanes, their favorite people, and a recreation of their best date together made the whole experience unforgettable.


Cori and I met on Instagram. We became friends over fitness and our faith, talking every day on FaceTime or texting for months. Eventually, we met for the first time in person when I flew across the country to Arkansas to visit. The moment we met, we knew we were more than friends, and the rest is history.

We dated long distance for eight months, and then Cori moved to Seattle.

We had talked about being at the point in our relationship to get engaged, but Jess needed a little more time. So we decided whenever Jess was ready, she would be the one to propose first. We also talked about both proposing, so we both had the experience of proposing and saying YES.


J: Planning my proposal for five months. I made a legit professional-looking scavenger hunt through downtown Seattle. I designed a custom ring and booked a seaplane ride to whisk her away to the San Juan Island for the weekend. The day before our 2nd anniversary was set as the proposal day.

My proposal was at the end of the scavenger hunt with a group of friends that ended at Gas Works Park on the water. Cori’s scavenger hunt team got stuck in traffic and made it to the last stop forty-five minutes late. So, I sat at Gasworks with everything all set looking like she was getting stood up. Multiple people asked what was going on and stopped to wait but then left because she took so long. 

Still, she had no idea all through the scavenger hunt until the very last challenge when she was handed an envelope.

She met me at the location where I had surprised her with a picnic dinner one year ago, her favorite date she’s ever been on. I re-enacted the picnic, dressed to impress, and got down on one knee to ask her to spend her life with me. SHE SAID YES! And, before I could remember to put the ring on her finger, I jumped up to hug and kiss her.

Everyone at the park cheered. Then we flew off in a seaplane to enjoy a weekend together as new fiancés!


Being engaged means, we officially are committed to each other. We already were and already living together, but it’s the next step to spending forever together. 

The planning is going well! Jess’s family lives in the Seattle area and are so supportive and helpful. We can’t wait to have a fantastic celebration of our lifelong commitment with all our family and friends.

Photographer Framed By Emily

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