You know, in the movies? Where the girl finds the ring that their partner has hidden while they’re planning a proposal, and puts it back. Well, my wife was not patient at all. She found it and immediately put it on herself, calling me and said yes over the phone!

It’s utterly hilarious for our untraditional love story. 

Your wedding photographer was helping in the elopement planning process, why?

Believe us when we say before finding Evangeline, everything was stressful for us. From non-supportive family members to unresponsive photographers. She reminded us to stay true to what we wanted. 

And you wanted to elope, how did you find the perfect place?

We wanted to elope somewhere completely new yet still held value to both of us. We started with a hike in the canyons for me (Daniela) and ended the morning off in the ocean for Kaylee. The actual destination we had never been too. As for the exact locations, those were picked entirely for us! 

The vibe was laid back and chill, spending time enjoying the views during the sunrise. That all changed when we got to the beach. We had a great time laughing and really just loving each other in the ocean. 

Talk to us about the big day! 

It was all we could have dreamed of! Three of our closest friends were with us. One of them was our officiant! Who better to marry you to the love of your life than someone who has watched your relationship grow? We hiked to see a gorgeous view in the canyons during sunrise where we exchanged vows and Evangeline played Lana del Rey while we played in the ocean. After that, we drove down to Malibu with a playlist for the drive made by our friends playing, popped champagne and ate gluten-free cupcakes! 

We’re so glad we eloped. It sounds super selfish, but that day was for us. Not having to worry about our guests and focusing on my wife that day was the best decision we made.

Do you have any advice for other couples, now that you’ve planned your own wedding day?

Do not plan anything based on anything other than what you dreamed of for that day. Never feel obligated to invite someone based on their relationship with you! Always remember to compromise only with your fiancé. 

Photographer Evangeline Lane