We have been together for four years. We met through a mutual friend of ours. She was a bartender in a restaurant called Vite, in Astoria, Queens where Daniella used to live. For a few months she kept insisting that we meet; told us that we both had the same humor and that we both don’t like to share our food! One day Sharisse gave in and went to meet Daniella although, Daniella had no idea she was going to be meeting Sharisse. We have been together ever since and Vite holds a very special place in our hearts.

Right when we were in the middle of purchasing our first home in the Catskills, NY, and before the deal closed, Daniella went ahead and asked the previous owners if we could spend the weekend in the home. It was an Airbnb at the time.

Daniella picked Sharisse up from work and she had no idea where they were going. We got to the home and Sharisse was left totally surprised.

While taking a walk around property in the early morning, Sharisse turned around to Daniella down on one knee as she asked her to marry her.

Sharisse couldn’t believe it and was overjoyed. We had this “deal” when we started to date; Sharisse would ask Daniella to be her “official girlfriend” (yes, like high school) but, Daniella would have to be the one to ask Sharisse to marry her. So, we talked about it but, Sharisse had no idea when it would happen or even if it would anytime soon. Daniella even asked Sharisse’s Dad if she could ask for her hand in marriage.

Not too long after Sharisse said yes, She thought that Daniella deserved a beautiful ring as well. So Sharisse had a ring custom created and surprised her with a date at Vite (the place we meet). Sharisse called the owner, Pino, and asked him to hold the same exact seats that they had sat in and ordered the same exact meal and wine we had that night they meet.

We opted for a destination wedding.

We both share a love of the Catskills. Daniella grew up going with her friends and Sharisse grew up going to my Uncle and Aunts cabin during the summers. It was the Catskills where we went on our first trip together, where Daniella proposed, and where we bought our first home. So, it felt natural to have our destination be the Catskills.

What made us choose Gilbertsville was not only the uniqueness of it but, it was the people that were involved. To be honest, when we first got there weren’t sure of what to think; a barn and an old milking parlor!? Then we met Sharon. She gave us the tour and we fell in love with her right away!

We like to call the wedding theme “rustic, French romance.”

DIY projects brought everything together. We made custom signs, our favors which were candles made from vintage teacups and we made bags with goodies for our guests staying in the glamping tents.

The biggest challenge we had wedding planning was finding the perfect outfits. More specifically, Daniella did not want to wear a dress but also did not want to wear a tux. As a curvy woman, it was even more difficult. After months of searching and reaching out to places that did not have what she was looking for Daniellas mother found a dressmaker that shared her vision and made her wedding outfit come to life.

After a year of planning our wedding day finally came to life.

Our favorite moment was our first look. It was magical and private. We got to walk in the woods with the sunlight sporadically hitting us and share our first thoughts together. We weren’t going to do a first look but our photographer convinced us too and we are very happy we did. It was a moment we shared alone and with nobody else.

It was a moment that we will both never forget.

While we both aren’t strictly religious, Daniella did go to Catholic school and Sharisse was baptized. We did feel that it was right to share a moment during our ceremony with our friends and family who are religious and so we incorporated a bible verse into the speech. Gilbertsville had beautiful church pews for our guest to sit on. When it came to family traditions, we played some traditional Italian and Latin music and danced the night away.

Marriage isn’t an accomplishment or a label to us.

Marriage isn’t needing to be with the one you love forever.

For us being able to legally get married is a privilege; people have fought to LGBTQ+ rights for years and we are so blessed to be able to be seen as legally married.

For us, marriage is about being able to say my best friend is my wife; knowing that a simple piece of paper makes sure that nobody can take away what we have built together. It gives us peace of mind that we won’t ever take for granted.

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