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Danielle & Takara – Conquering Deployment to be Together

Danielle & Takara – Conquering Deployment to be Together

Overcoming Military Deployment for Love - Colorado Engagement Photography - Dancing With Her

They met at a local gym, and it’s been love ever since. However, Danielle’s deployment has been an obstacle they’ve had to work hard to overcome.

How did you meet? 

T: Danielle and I met at the gym we work out at! She was raised within the same communities as I was. I had known of her family forever and went to the same school as her brother growing up. 

I just had no idea he had such a perfect sister!

What is your favorite memory together? 

T: When thinking about this question, my mind went immediately to one of our first dates. 

I have a little balcony attached to my apartment, and I had set out a blanket and little white lights. We drank wine and played Uno and I completely destroyed her every game [we are both pretty competitive].

We took our first pictures together that night, and they’re still some of our favorites. 

The whole night felt peaceful and happy, and we were so very much in our own little world. 

D: My favorite memory is this same night. It was as magical as Takara remembers it.

 What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together? 

T: I’d say there were two really big challenges we have had to overcome together. When I had come out to my family, one side of my family really accepted me, and the other did not. I lost a relationship with my mother and dealt with some really emotionally wearing times. 

Danielle has been amazingly supportive throughout the whole process and she continues to be my rock on the daily. 

Secondly, which we are dealing with now is her deployment. Every day is a struggle, some more than others. I know she misses home and the comfort of each other. It’s hard not to have her at the end of every day to be able to destress with her. The simplest things I miss the most, we have fun doing anything together. It’s silly to think about, but we even have a blast in the grocery store, and running our normal errands.

We continue to learn about each other and prioritize our love languages to make sure we both are still feeling loved during this time apart. 

She will be deployed for a total of 11 months, and sometimes the weight of that can be crushing and disheartening. She is absolutely worth the wait and the lonely days. I can not wait to have her home, to have her scent back in the house, her toothbrush out, and even her laundry on the floor. I miss everything about her. 

Tell us your favorite thing about one another.

T: Oh my gosh, how do I even start this?! There are so many things I absolutely love about her. Her smile, her sense of humor, the way she dresses, the way she treats our nieces and nephew, the fact that she is always looking out for me whether that’s making sure I go to bed on time or need water before bed. She always gives me back tickles to put me to sleep, and makes sure I am asleep before her. 

I love that we are constantly on the same page and when we are not, she’s there to work through it with me. She is my safe place to fall, always. She is everything I could have hoped for.

D: My favorite thing or things about my wife Takara. I remember the first time seeing her at the gym. Of course, I instantly thought she was beautiful, but the way she walks in her Birkenstock’s is one of the cutest things I’ve seen. The way she looks at me when I first wake up in the morning like I’m the only one on this earth. How perfect she fits into my family like we’ve known her for years. How staying in on a Saturday night eating burritos in bed is the best part of my week. How excited she is to tell me about her day. 

There not just one favorite thing about my wife because everything she does is my favorite.

What is in the future for you both?

T: When Danielle comes home, the plan is to buy a home here in Oregon and start a family! The plan is for us to have two babies.

Honestly, I just can’t wait until she is home. If my future was just spending every day with her living a mundane life, I would be happy and completely fulfilled. 

Captured by Brandy Nichols

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