Dawn and Kim met the same way that most people do these days, via an app. Their chemistry was immediate, and after speaking on the phone that first night, for hours, they agreed to meet up for their first date later in the week.

Dawn planned the first date, and before it had even happened, Kim had planned their second. They shared their first kiss on their first date, and after one month they decided to be exclusive. Kim was living in NY at the time, and Dawn in NJ, but they made an effort to spend almost every weekend together, and every Wednesday for the entire first year of their relationship. Eventually, Kim made a move from NY to be with Dawn in NJ and adapted well to their new life living together.

The proposal happened a day before Kims 30th birthday in Santorini, Greece. Eight days into a vacation travelling across the islands of Greece, Santorini would be their last stop.

Dawn had planned a fancy, romantic, dinner for the night. Upon arrival she excused herself to ‘go to the bathroom’; instead, she found the manager who she hoped would help capture the moment. Dawn had organised for the manager to come to the table, ask how everything was going and then Dawn would ask him to take a few photos, secretly passing over the phone that was already recording. As the manager ‘took photos’, Dawn expressed to Kim just how much she loved her. As emotions took hold, Dawn completely blanked on what she’d be practising to say for months. Instead, Dawn blurted out; ‘don’t fall in the pool and don’t drop this ring off the cliff!’.

Although disappointed that she didn’t get the opportunity to say exactly what she wanted to at that moment, Dawn had anticipated that she’d blank when nerves took over. Dawn had been using the entire holiday to express the sweet things about Kim, how she made her feel and how much she loved her. So much so, that Kim had asked why she was acting ‘so extra’ – Dawn scaled it back, and Kim was left feeling none-the-wiser.

Dawn collected herself, saw the incredible view of Santorini, grabbed Kim’s hand, kissed it softly and got down on one knee to ask Kim to be her wife.

Kim had no idea that a proposal was looming. So thrown off guard that she forget to give an answer right away. Kim eventually got out a ‘yes’.

Dawn and Kim had the opportunity to meet with a photographer the very next day to take some shots of the newly engaged couple.