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Diletta & Veronica – Period Inspired BaRock Vows

Diletta & Veronica – Period Inspired BaRock Vows

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Words by Photographer & Concept Design AmorVincitOmnia.

I read somewhere “… when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of themself, whether they be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship, and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…” Veronica and Diletta shared vows in a small, long abandoned, and now renovated convent a few kilometers outside Rome. 

They chose the location along with the wedding planners team and decided to go for a baroque-reminding style with a modern twist. 

Their “BaRock Vows” were some of the most beautiful things I have seen lately. So simple and elegant, and considering they chose my favorite historical period as an inspiration, I could not have been more excited and happy. Veronica did both their makeup and wore a beautiful Anny Lin dress, “Zoe.” It fit her perfectly, and she was simply glowing. Diletta wore an edgy double-sided shirt with striking sleeves and a few little details that truly made her edgy and perfect. 

Their connection left me speechless. They were stunning and reminded me of those Caravaggio paintings you can see in museums and churches all around Rome and Italy. Their soft touch and then stronger hold on each other’s skin was truly a masterpiece of baroque art. It felt like being inside of a painting. The table, the stunning floral arrangement, and the dim candle lights just amplified that feeling. It was cozy, emotional, and felt sacred. I am incredibly excited for Veronica and Diletta, they are so perfect together, and I could not wish them more love than they already do share. 

Words by lovers Diletta & Veronica

It often happens in life you meet the right people at the wrong time and vice versa, but it also happens you meet the right people at the right time. Well, for us, it was exactly like that. We had a friend in common for more than ten years, and as incredible as it may sound, we did not even cross each other’s paths by mistake at a party or some other occasion. 

Then in 2017, Diletta returned from Australia, and one night, out of nowhere, kind of by chance, I went out with that famous friend for a summer night out at the Tiber Expo in Rome (where Diletta worked as a bar lady).

We finally met: the embarrassment was tangible from the first “hello, nice to meet you.” Then Diletta, with her sarcasm, started making me laugh, and she invited me to the dance floor to twerk while Daddy Yankee’s Hula Hoop song was playing, the most beautiful love story we could imagine began. We are so different yet so similar. Now we’ve been together for three years, and many things have changed since that day. But the core values โ€‹โ€‹and mutual respect have has always been our relationship’s strongest point. 

We hope everyone can find that person who makes a difference in your life. For us, the difference was made by that absurd twerk that made everything so special. “I looked for Beauty, and I found it at the bottom of simplicity.”


Actually, we both agree that every day spent by each other’s side is a beautiful memory to have and cherish.

V: I also have a more precise and funny memory. I remember very well while we were on vacation in Seychelles, Diletta decided to go snorkeling by herself. I lost sight of her for a while, so I decided to look for her because I was starting to worry. When I arrived about twenty meters from the shore, I heard screaming from behind, “hey love, where are you going?? I’m here on the beach!”

Well, while walking back to Diletta, a jellyfish burned my arm and was hurting so bad! The thing that makes me laugh the most is that Diletta actually peed on my arm to deflate the burning. As you might guess, in Seychelles, it’s all pretty wild, and obviously, there were no bar or pharmacy where I could have gone to ease the pain, and there were no lifeguards who could have helped me either! 

D: Perhaps one of the best memories I have was our first trip together. We went out of town to Lago del Salto (which is in the province of Rieti, an hour and a half from Rome). I had just ended my shift at the bar I was working. It was around 3 am and like two crazy people, we got in the car and drove to the lake. We arrived at 5 am and just stood there, watching the sunrise together, and it was so beautiful.

Photography & Concept AmorVincitOmnia
Lovers Veronica, Diletta

Bridal Atelier Ariel Spose
Cake Il bazar dello zucchero
Designer Anny Lin Bridal
Floral The Wedding Issue
Location Il Conventino
Planning & Design The Wedding Issue, Jasscel Goce, Francesca Romana Colapietro
Videographer Memento Story

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