Ali Boundy Photography photographed two brides forest wedding in the USA

Ali Boundy Photography

I'm Ali, and I'm a love language photographer based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. I know we haven't met, but I already give SO many shits about you and your partner. It's not even funny. I'm honestly just a chubby bulldog laying at your feet, ready to defend your wildest wedding dreams and capture them as beautifully and as authentically as they happen.

One of my favorite things is seeing Northern California through new eyes. There's a Tahoe-shaped stamp on my heart, and I'm always so proud to tell people that it's where I'm from. As an avid hiker, adventure seeker, and windshield warrior, I love finding new places to explore with my couples. There's something so special about alpine lakes and windy cliffs. These places are truly wild.

You deserve a day that's unapologetically true to the love story you share. So strip the traditions, the Pinterest goals, and the bullshit and just show up as who you are to your core. I promise to show up as me, your friend, adventure planner, and bulldog - and I promise to help write the unwritten parts.


Cassi & Roni – A Romantic Woodsy Wedding in Mendocino, California

The Boundy Photography Lake Tahoe Nevada lesbian gay LGBTQIA+ couple love USA wedding dancing with her

After falling in love with Mendocino, Cassi and Roni shared their vows and married in a romantic woodsy wedding brought to life with plenty of DIY projects.

A Badass, Queer Elopement in Milos, Greece

A Queer Beach Elopement in Greece

It was a short discussion before they knew an elopement was perfect for them, so they did it in the place at the top of their travel list, Greece

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