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Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm no-nonsense, black coffee drinking, sarcastically-humored chick with a sailor's vocabulary. I have minimalist tendencies and love a good beer and putting my workout clothes on and TV bingeing. I'm a champion of authenticity and I love connecting with new people! I tend to skip all the small talk and go straight for the deep shit.

If you're here because you have a wedding to plan, congratulations! I want to hear about you and the journey you've taken to get you to this place.

Like I said, I'm no-nonsense. I approach weddings and relationships valuing authenticity above all else, chasing unfolding moments, ugly cries, cheesy grins, and intoxicating love.  I tend to believe life can be fully enjoyed only when we embrace what makes us unique and different, and I approach the stories I document in a similar way - I look for what makes your story YOU. I'm here to tell you that however you decide your special day should be, your story is going to be kickass and I can't wait to tell it.

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Mount Lawley WA, Australia
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