Bario Neal lesbian, LGBTQIA+ & queer engagement proposals or wedding ring jewelry from NYC America 2

Bario Neal

It’s a privilege to make jewelry that celebrates love and life for all identities and experiences. Equality, ethical craft, and social and environmental responsibility are central to our vision. We’re committed to maintaining transparency and continuous improvement to create a new sustainable standard within the jewelry industry.

We embrace love in all forms, and our jewelry is made to celebrate any milestone. We strive for inclusivity at every step, from a non-gendered design ethos and comprehensive sizing to our founding belief in marriage equality and the right to love who you choose. In an industry that perpetuates heteronormative ideals, we eliminate presumptions and create jewelry that celebrates every experience and identity.

Clients can work with us by purchasing jewelry from our acclaimed collections or choose to create a custom design. Our Custom process lets us work with you on a one-of-a-kind design, whether you’re starting from scratch or have a specific vision, want to update an heirloom or create a new one, or are interested in personalizing a piece from our collection.

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