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Brizzy Rose and Emma

Hello! We are Brizzy Rose and Emma -- a wedding, editorial and lifestyle photography duo!

We are both from The West Coast but have made a home of Louisville, Kentucky. We are based in Kentucky but love traveling and are open to going anywhere! Brizzy is a first-generation Mexican-American desert gal at heart and is the extroverted one of the two. Emma is a mountain gal from Montana who brings in over ten years of photography expertise. We absolutely love what we do, and we pour every ounce of ourselves into our craft with our overwhelming passion for detail, moments, and people.

You will discover yourself immersed in our hearts as we immerse ourselves in yours. We are all about stepping forward and getting out of comfort zones. Our photography approach is realistic and cinematic. We appreciate bold, "rebellious" shots and whimsical, delicate shots. Our editing style is warm and on the moodier side. Together, we work hard to capture the conscious and subconscious of whoever and whatever it is we're photographing. Don't worry about being camera shy -- we will have you comfortable and at ease in no time; consider us your hype girls!

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